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Football and the Recruiting Process Essay

Essay Topic:

Playing college football was always a dream I’ve had. Along with myself, I’m sure there are many high school football players hoping and wishing to make it to the highest level of college football. The highest level of college football is Division-1. Most any parent nor student understands how hard it actually is to be apart of the recruiting process. There is a lot of heart break and suffering to the process, but it is also fun and satisfying to know that your hard work really does pay off. The process as a whole can be either really well or it can be disappointing. The purpose of this essay is to describe to you the entire recruiting process for a high school football player.

First and foremost, no college in the nation will be interested in a bad player, if you are contacting schools, they like you. One of the most important things to begin a recruiting process is to have a good sophomore year. This is in the class room and on the football field. This is important, it will allow the athlete to get his foot in the door and begin to build relationships with coaches.

This early in the recruiting process, building relationships with coaches is huge. It allows you to have more time contacting them. By contacting them, they will let you know where you stand with them along with their university. After your sophomore football season, it is vital to hit the weight room very hard and have a good start that will lead you into summer. Along with lifting, it is important to work on your speed and technique. Technique for whatever position you play is important to work on before summer hits. When summer hits, it’s all about camps.

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The next step in the long process is the summer before your junior year. During this time, it is important to go to college football camps along with other football camps. In doing this, you are showcasing your talents to college programs around the world. Success at these camps will further your recruiting p…

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