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Foods and Food Components to Reduce Paper

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My body mass index or BMI is 18. 8 which is in the normal weight category. I have always been on the smaller side for my entire life and I have never had a doctor tell me my weight is an issue or I am malnourished. I use to play baseball but I quit a few years ago but I have started to play racquetball on occasion. I then started doing a work out program for a project in school I followed it for about a month. I normally do about 60 to 90 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week. I do not do any vigorous-intensity workouts. I also do not do any muscle strengthening activities.

According to my iprofile my DRI or daily recommended intake was 2462 kilocalories a day. Over the course of the project I was eating on average about 1107 kilocalories a day which is about 45 percent of my DRI. Which means I was normally under my DRI for calories. As far as I know I have only had one grandparent who has had diabetes and that grandparent is not related to me by blood so I do not believe that I am at risk. High blood pressure does run in my family but I have had several blood pressure test and they have all been within the normal limit. And my family does not have any significant history with heart disease and breast cancer.

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Foods and Food Components to Reduce Sodium On day one I had a sodium intake of 4733mg of sodium. The foods that caused me to go over my limit were an In-N-Out double double with onions which was 1440mg and Panda Express firecracker chicken had 1062mg. On day two I had a sodium intake of 3884mg of sodium. The food items that led to this high sodium intake were the two bean and cheese burritos I had which had a combined total of 2431mg of sodium . On day three I had a sodium intake of 3822mg of sodium which is 166. 2 percent more than my recommended intake.

The foods that led to such high sodium levels are the Taco Bell bean burrito which had 1216mg of sodium, a burrito supreme from Taco Bell which had 1340mg of sodium, and a Subway roast beef sandwich which had about 660mg of sodium. Saturated Fat My daily recommended intake for saturated fats was 27. 4g a day. For day one I had an intake of 48. 2g, day two I had consumed 20. 1g, and on the third day I had taken in 28. 9g of saturated fat. Added Sugars The foods I ate that were high in added sugars were two snickers bars on day one, no added sugars on day two but on day three I had a snickers bar and a hershey bar.

I am not to worried about my added sugars because I dont eat them that often and I never really drink beverages with added sugars Refined Grains On day one I had eaten one In-N-Out double double and the bun was refined grain. Day two I had eaten two bean burritos from Taco Bell and the tortilla was a source of refined grains. Day three I had eaten a a Taco Bell bean burrito and a burrito supreme both had tortillas with refined grains. I dont think I did to bad in the refined grain section I was having at least one or two servings a day. Alcohol

I did not consume any alcohol during this diet project. Foods and Nutrients to Increase Vegetables Variety and Fruits The only dark green vegetable I ate over the course of my diet study was lettuce. I only had tomatoes as my red vegetable and another vegetable I ate were onions. My normal meal does not meet the goal of half the plate. I do enjoy most fruits but I am not very fond of vegetables I have always been picky when it came to my vegetables. Whole Grains I did not have any whole grains during this diet study therefore I did not meet my goal of three servings a day.

To add more whole grain to my diet I could start making sandwiches at home with whole gain bread. I could also start eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast everyday. Seafood I did not eat any seafood I typically do not eat a lot of it. My source of omega 3 fatty acids come from beans. On day one I had zero percent omega 3’s, on day two I had 51. 8 percent, and on the third day I had 25 percent of my daily intake. Dietary Fiber My recommended DRI for fiber is 38g a day and on day one I consumed 20g of fiber, day two I had consumed 22g, and on day three I had taken in 22g again.

I had fallen short on my daily fiber intake over the three days of my diet study. To increase my fiber I could eat some carrots for a snack in the afternoon or have an apple or orange with my breakfast in the mornings. I could also have some pinto beans with dinner to increase my fiber or I could eat oatmeal for breakfast and increase my fiber intake even more by putting chopped fruit in the oatmeal. Vitamins and Minerals On my first day I was low in just about all of my vitamins and minerals but on day two I had the correct levels of thiamin and I had eaten more iron, niacin, and vitamin B6 than my recommended DRI.

On day three I was low in all vitamins and minerals except for iron which I had reached my DRI for iron. To increase my levels of folate I could have a cup of strawberries or a cup of raw cantaloupe melon. I could also have an ounce of peanuts and two raw spears of broccoli. I was low in potassium levels so some foods I could have a half cup of cooked mushrooms, a small banana, about a one third cup of raisins and a cup of iceberg lettuce. One vitamin I was low in was vitamin C and three food I could eat to increase my levels of vitamin C would be oranges, red peppers, or strawberries. Self Evaluation

Based on what I have written it seems that I do not really have any strengths when it comes to my dietary needs. I have realized that my major weakness is that I pretty much just eat what I want and how much I want with no regard to my DRI. My exercise habits are currently pretty poor I could start lifting weights when I go play racquetball or even start running in the mornings or at night after dinner or work. Another habit I could change is trying to eat more home cooked meals rather than eating fast food all the time or I could start keeping track of the amount of calories and nutrients I take in on a daily basis.

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