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Food Pyramid Essay

I have always thought of myself s a person who knows nutrition and understands what is right however; when it comes to food I did not always do what was right. I love pastas, and sauces, pizza and chips, cake and cookies; but, who doesn’t. Since then I have learned to balance the stuff I want and the foods that I need to achieve a balanced diet. The main problem on my first food pyramid tracker evaluation was that I was very much lacking In the fruit and vegetable food group. Since then I have bought fruit that was easily accessible so that I do not have any excuse to not have time.

I have also made sure hat I eat either a salad or one steamed vegetable a day in addition to my daily VI. Another issue with my first tracker evaluation was the fact that I was not eating enough calories throughout the day. To correct this I am now eating smaller meals and more of them. Snacks of low fat string cheese, a small handful of almonds, a low fat yogurt and an apple are examples of snacks that I now eat throughout the day. By doing this I am speeding up my metabolism, cleaving the recommended amount of calories, and being able to maintain the balance of all different sources of nutrition.

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These improvements are not only giving me a balanced diet and more energy but, they are also improving my vitamin intake. By making these changes my most recent food tracker was very much on track with where I would like to be. My calorie intake is now appropriate, my diet Is balanced, and the tracker showed a great diet and balance. The pyramid tracker and the nature of my diet not being balanced was only the beginning of wanting a change. I gained a lot of knowledge from our previous chapter based on vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

As I learned a great deal I wanted to apply the knowledge that I did learn into my life style. Through the reading I decided that I wanted to set a goal to not need to take dietary supplements. I rather wanted to eat my vitamins and minerals through the food I decided to eat. By eating more green and leafy vegetables I can gain my Iron. By drinking carrot Juice in the morning I will be gaining all of the vitamin A I need. Have started to look deeply Into what I am eating and how it will help me achieve a long lasting life.

By doing this I ill know if there is something I need to take, such as a supplement, or if I simply need to add more of an item to my daily diet. As I am not against supplements, I do not feel that they are necessary if a balanced diet is eaten. There are so many different issues with taking too many dietary supplements that I have taken the, “more Is netter” mental lilt on ten pills Ana let It go wit n ten Doodle Dull. I nave mentioned that the changes I had made recently made have all been to the positive. The most drastic change of all is that I am looking at food in a new light.

Growing up with a chef as a grandfather has made me eat food as entertainment, enjoyment, and reward; because of this my choices and diet have never been as great as they are today. Now that I have changed my views on food I look to my new diet for energy, vitamins, and life. The balanced diet has made me want to work out more than ever and I feel that I will achieve a very healthy life style. Every day I research and learn more about foods and which are high in a vitamin or new ways to cook or serve an item that is healthy.

I feel my largest gain from all of the changes is not the one that I am going to endure but, the gains that my family and children will now have. Like I said, doing and knowing are very different words. Many people fully understand what is needed to achieve a balanced diet however; doing this and sticking to it is hard. To gain the lifestyle of eating for energy, vitamins, and minerals takes huge changes. Grocery shopping, preparing, and getting use to the new foods is hard and you have to be dedicated but, the results are worth the efforts.

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