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Super Size Me Essay Essay

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This sample paper on Super Size Me Essay offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.

The movie tarts with a quote “the way we eat has changed more over the past fifty years than in the previous ten thousand. ” Food production has changed dramatically. The production of food is now controlled by many corporations -these corporations tell the food producers what should be done so that business is profitable. Regardless of consequences, many things are often forgotten about. For example the treatment of the animals. Yes they are going to eventually be killed for our consumption, but there are guidelines as to how they should be treated.

The companies spend millions f dollars on lobbyists to change the law to benefit themselves. This movie shows the drastic difference between farms produced food and food produced In a factory. Food produced on a farm is organic, and food produced in a factory contains many different chemicals and ingredients that are and can be harmful to our bodies. I personally found this movie to be extremely frugal, disgusting, ineffective, and boring. The reason I found this movie to be boring is because even though it was the truth about food industries and spending habits. I love food way too much to want to now the actual facts about food.

Food Inc Summary Essay

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I don’t want to have to worry about whether It Is good for me or not. Even though unnatural ways are used to feed the animals to fatten them up and to grow faster and bigger. It is cheaper and easier to pump them with hormones and chemicals than it is to have it done naturally. The companies that work for the fast food companies require more products at cheaper price. The meat industry also uses chemicals that would harm people if the company doesn’t mix it right. Also they are susceptible to far more dangerous bacteria because of the way hey process the meat and other foods.

I find It unnerving that food companies are allowed to continue making food they way they do. I had thought that there were laws and guidelines that food companies had to follow in order to make our food safe to eat. Why is it that it seems different? I guess what the truth is happens to be far from what we think is the truth. I also didn’t think there was a huge process in the way our food Is and was made. When I see a steak on my plate I don’t think that the animal that this chunk of meat came from had been pumped up with hormones and Heimlich.

I find that to be disgusting. I don’t think I can look at food the same way as I did before I saw this film. Food Inc. The movie was really graphic and didn’t spare any unwanted information. The movie explicitly showed the process of how is food is made. I never knew that meat hung for days before it was cut to package and then later sell. I wonder if the meat that is in grocery stores is really fresh or almost spoiled. How do we know for sure, it thinks the movie Food Inc. Really makes that question disappear? Lastly the movie was Ineffective.

The movie was Ineffective, Decease It snows ten Insane process AT now Is mace Ana I Delve Tanat would defer people from wanting to eat in general or certain foods. Now that Vive seen this movie I can definitely say I will never look at food the same way as before I saw the film. I found some of the scenes in this film to be really graphic. Never in my life have I ever seen something so disgustingly graphic. The movie super size me is about a guy who goes on a thirty day experiment. He finds out that he does gain weight and develops some concerning health problems.

Within seven days of his experiment he finds that his weight has changed drastically. He eventually weighed 210 pounds. He found that with this experiment his health risks were almost doubled within those thirty days. The movie also explains the risk factors from eating fast food. They describe it as if it is absolutely horrible to eat fast food. During this experiment he interviews many people about different daily diets. He went to schools and found that the food provided was the same as eating in a fast food restaurant. He finds that kids are presented with horrible food choices as well as adults.

He even gave a good description of how chicken nuggets are made. In this movie two girls were seeing McDonald’s for the health problems that occurred after the consumption of the food they ate at McDonald’s. The main character of this movie found he to be tired, depressed, and moody from the diet of McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My personal opinion of this movie is that it was effective. It was effective because instead of being boring like food Inc. ; super size me played upbeat music and explained things in a less boring way. Not only that super size me was interesting to watch.

It was interesting to watch because it was an actual human being going through the experiment. Not many people would be willing to put their bodies in such harm, but this guy decided to go for it despite what his doctors advised him. His doctors told him he would have some dramatic increases in his health risks and he still chose to do the experiment. Some of the scenes were pretty graphic. For example the doctor visits. I mean come on did we really have to see the rectal exam. I know I deal with patients on a regular basis, but in the movie is another thing.

When it comes to McDonald’s I would never think that there was that much danger when eating there food. Vive come to realize that the food there isn’t as healthy as I thought it was. I thought fast food was k to eat, but Vive learned from this movie and food Inc. That fast food isn’t good for the body at all. In the movie they point out why fast food is so wrong to eat, and I have to say I agree. I learned that I’m only supposed to take in at the most 2000 calories a day. If I eat fast food Just one day I would take in more than double the calories I’m supposed to take in. Not to mention I would gain tons of weight.

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