The following sample essay on Airbus A380 is the largest commercial airplane in the entire world. It weighs up to 1,200,000Lbs full of passengers and cargo. When this massive plane is empty, it weighs up to 610,000lbs. So how does the Airbus A380 fly? To make this big boy, it took a lot of intelligent engineers to interpret the four forces of flight. The first force to make the Airbus A380 fly is lift. The wings on the Airbus A380 have rectangular flaps on both wings.

The flaps come down and cause the air to go over the flaps to cause lift. Another word for the term wing is airfoil. Airfoils on the Airbus A380 are made to cause Bernoullis principle. Bernoullis principle causes high pressure air or slow moving air to go under the airfoil. This high pressure air pushes up on the bottom of the airfoil and causes the plane to lift off the ground. The next force to make the Airbus A380 fly is thrust.

Newton’s third law is which made me understand how thrust makes the A380 fly. His law says, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means the four massive turbofan engines suck in air and blow it out the back towards the back of the plane, as that is happening the plane moves forward, so that is the opposite reaction. The air blows one way and the plane goes the other way. Thrust is the power of the air getting pushed out the back of the Turbofan engine, the more thrust the faster the plane will fly.

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When creating the Airbus A380, the engineers had to make sure that thrust over powers the weight and gravity the Airbus A380 has. Gravity is the force that pulls the A380 towards the ground. The more weight the plane has the more gravity there is going to be. The last force is drag. Drag is the force acting in the opposite direction as the object is moving. The Airbus A380 is pointy instead of circular at the cockpit because that is what allows the Airbus A380 to be Aerodynamic. The wings also on the plane are extremely thin this is because the eng…

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