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Floowing in the Footsteps Essay

With everything the United Sates does, in society, politics, and more, many wonder weather we are just following what Ancient Rome had. They had Senators, monuments, public displays of entertainment. As does the US, but with everything she shares with Rome there are a thousand things different. The US might have been following in the footsteps of Rome but now she is making her own path.
The Roman Empire lasted from 27bc to 476ad. During this time most of the most memorable things happened to it, that most people remember. The United States has always been a democracy with more than one person in charge of everything.
The Roman Empire was marvelous, top of it's times with everything, but the United States becomes the top by herself. Not by conquering other countries. She even gives away countries she does get, like the Filippines. The US uses her own self and her own people to get ahead, which she most diffidently didn't get from Rome.
For the most part, the US has been cutting her own path, but some things are obviously similar. There are only so many ways to divide a country so she does have some things in common with Rome. Just because if these similarities, that does not mean that she is copying Rome.
For all that's similar and all that's different, the United States has worked hard as a country, fighting wars abroad and within her own boundaries. Through it all, the US stayed strong as a country and is still here today. As for Rome, it was torn apart by invaders and internal conflict. Who knows what will happen to the United Sates. One must follow her in her path to find out.

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