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“Flight of the Falcon” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Flight of the Falcon”

– Marat, lunch

-! Mom, five minutes

-! No “five minutes” is already getting cold

reluctantly save a book, looking for the touch bookmark. Touch – because the view is not detached from the yellowed pages which turns the whole huge life. Yes, now we have lunch, then to clean his room, and then to help his father on the farm. Hurry back to reading!

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I’m sure the feeling is familiar to all of us. Remember as a child we devoured Jules Verne or Fenimore Cooper? Travel, battles, binding description of nature – so bright and colorful that you close your eyes and see every last blade of grass. And then imagine yourself in a balloon or riding on an elephant, the Indian camp or side by side with a detachment of soldiers in an ambush … and suppresses the urge to open the book to the end, as soon as possible to learn – what is it all going to end

I was really quite forgot those feelings, but “Flight of the falcon” again reminded me of them. It has everything you need for a real adventure book – a fascinating story, bright juicy descriptions of nature and people, villains and heroes, battles and hunting scenes, and even the sex scenes 🙂 I have not devoured until 5 am, but in this case it was so – and just knowing that after two hours to get up to work, reluctantly stops reading

in this book, there is no storehouse of wisdom and philosophy – but there are simple words about the simple things:. everything is very simple – and at the However, it is very difficult. Surprising one – how is still not done filming? I think it could be successful all the “Mummy” together.

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