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Five Subfields Of Anthropology Paper

Archaeologists dig and search for remains of past cultures such as bones, pottery, and tools. The Archaeologists are trying to learn how people lived before us and why they did. An Archaeologist might study “The battle of Clapped” something from right In the Niagara Region. They would excavate find weapons, uniforms, and bones.

They would be able to learn a lot from what they dug up to see how they did things during their time. Biological Anthropology/ Physical Anthropology : Biological Anthropology Is the tidying of evolution and ecology of human beings and other primates, the goal being to understand the history of the evolution. A Biological Anthropologist may take after Jane Goodwill and study a specific primates for many years to study their ecology.

Anthropological linguistics: This subfield of Anthropology is focusing on the study of language and culture and the connections between language, human biology and cognitions. Someone studying Anthropological linguistics may be interested in studying the different languages of Native Australians. Applied Anthropology: This field means whenever Anthropology is put to use. So whenever Anthropology is actually used to solve a problem not Just research. A good example of Applied Anthropology that is very relevant to today is the Bola epidemic.

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The West Africans that are getting treated do not like hospitals at all because they believe that is where the Bola is coming from. So they are now sending in Anthropologists. To find a way they can treat them and come to an understanding that they are trying to help. I am most interested in Applied Anthropology because I Like to accomplish things and really get in the work field. Only research would not be enough to satisfy me. This Is why applied Anthropology Interests me.

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