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FIO Full Assignment Essay

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It entered the retail industry in 1975 with flagship brand Padding . In 1991, Home Stores Sad Bad was launched to hold all the companies involved in the Group’s retail, wholesale and manufacturing businesses. It was subsequently renamed to the present Padding Holdings a year later. In 1995, Padding Holdings Sad Bad was converted to a public company limited by hares and adopted the name, Padding Holdings Bertha and soon listed on the Second Board of the then Koala Lump Stock Exchange.

Today, Padding Group is a leader in the multimillion textile and garment industry in Malaysia. We have nine labels in our family of brands and retail in 330 freestanding stores, franchised outlets and consignment counters in Malaysia and around the world. Our labels proudly carry the Made in Malaysia stamp abroad in Bahrain, Brunet, Cambodia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kuwait, Morocco, Manner, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.

Padding address fashion conscious consumers of both genders and all ages through their ten distinct brands: Padding, Seed, Padding Authentic, PDP, P, Vinci, Vinci Accessories, Tizzy, Mike Kids and Brands Outlet. Each of these labels represents a particular fashion philosophy and encompasses a comprehensive range of products that fit into their targeted consumer’s universe. Padding will maintain and increase its leadership position in Malaysia’s fashion industry through various strategies. New brands and increased product diversity are key expansion policies.

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The company will continue to upgrade the image of its reduces while emphasizing value and quality. Vinci is the company’s successful toehold in the lucrative but competitive women’s footwear market. There are plans to strengthen its dominant position with improved production lines and increased capacity. In order to have successfully etched its brand names into the consciousness of Malaysian consumers, Padding is moving to turn its various labels into regionally- recognized fashion leaders. B) SOOT Analysis of Padding Holdings Bertha.

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