Fine Art Personal Statement

An artist seeking a fine art degree from a reputed college has to write a fine art personal statement, which is recognized as the important part of the admission test. This type of statement usually focuses on the applicant’s fine art’s skills, future goals, character, qualities, performance (academic or professional) and experience. Oftentimes it is observed that a college personal statement is often confused with an artist’s statement.

The personal statement is much more detailed than the artist’s statement, which is used only as a marketing tool by the artist.

Nonetheless, if you are applying for a fine art Degree and you don’t know how to write this statement then you have come at the right place. This article will discuss some basic tips which if properly implemented will certainly make your fine art personal statement not only convincing but also appealing.

Things to Do Before Writing

  • The first and foremost thing is to do a little brainstorming and coming up with ideas that will make up an appealing personal statement.

    Recall some life experiences that have either inspired you to study fine arts or have improved your fine art’s skills. List down those experiences or inspiration as you will need to describe them in the statement, briefly.

  • Pen down your interests that have developed your art’s skills. List down some activities that help you in improving your knowledge of this field and help you learn more about it for instance reading art’s magazines, posts, online how-to articles, etc.

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    Also mention your involvement in an online community of fine arts. This will show them how dedicated you are in studying this field and how determined you are to taking your skills to the next level.

  • Consider any inconsistencies that you have had in your academic performance. Tell them what obstacles caused them.

Fine Art Personal Statement

  • Go through the list of specifications before starting the work. Start the statement’s introduction with an appealing opening and in a compelling tone. A fascinating statement, a fact or an interesting quote about the art can help you seize the attention of the reader.
  • Discuss your academic background in the body of the fine art statement. Discuss any internship that you have done in any art related word. List down the advance courses that you have done from non-accredited institutes.
  • List down those interests that are outside the realm of fine arts such as horse riding, hand-crafting, reading horror or fantasy novels, swimming, etc.
  • Wrap up the fine art personal statement with a conclusion. In a conclusion paragraph, you will first have to reiterate the character, traits, interests or qualities that you have explained above and conclude your statement with discussing your future goals and what you hope to accomplish as an artist.
  • Finally, after completing the statement proofread the entire statement once again.
  • Ask someone like a friend or a professor of your school to read the statement and give their honest feedback. Consider their feedback and polish the quality of your statement.

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