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Finding my way back to school has been a long time coming. I have wanted to attend college before I even finished grade school. At seventeen I married a Military man. I always said, “When I move to another base I will start college”. We moved to Fort Hood, Texas. Nine years have gone by and at last I have enrolled in a degree plan at Gifford University. What made me wait so long is a laundry list of items. The main issue Eve had was procrastination.

I talked myself out of college more times than I can remember.

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I would say, “l don’t have the money, time, skills, or the smarts to go to college”. After years of doubt I had an awakening, my son was born. My son being born made me want to finish my dreams. I wanted to make our life better. My entire life I have loved to help people and listen to them.

I researched colleges and found the Psychology program at Gifford to be beneficial. I want to work with foster children. Getting my degree in Psychology will help me achieve that goal. My life has had to change while attending college. My son is one year old, so he requires most of my time and attention. I have to balance my son and homework.

I’ve had to change my movie marathon and reading for fun days, to diaper duty and what pronoun to use.

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These changes are well worth it when I weigh the outcome. Another change or obstacle Eve had to manage is my husband. My husband works full time and attends college as well. Trying to find a balance is very hard. I’m still working on dividing myself between spouse, child, and school. The sacrifices I am making now are for my family and me. I know after graduation all my hard work to start my career, and the sacrifices I’ve made will pay off. Returning to school has been easy for the most part. I eve found I need to work on my writing skills.

Other then my writing skills for classes, I really enjoy college. I am a mild perfectionist. I try to get great grades and when I do not get great grades, I stress often. I am trying to work on not stressing and still work hard for good grades. I’ve been working on strategies for myself. Finding myself in school again; I need a strategy to help me out. I found if I tell people I need quiet time to study for a test they leave me alone. If I tell people I need quiet time just to study, they still bother me. So I send out a text saying, “l have a test now, don’t other me,” and I turn off my phone.

So far so good no one has popped up at my home and I am able to write assignments. Another strategy is nap time. I do my discussions when my son Is napping. I study and write assignments when bed time for my son rolls around. Finding my way back to school has been a challenge; I wish It would have happened sooner. Maybe now Is the best time and I am glad I have started this process now. All the challenges and headaches are so worth It. Even If I do not get my dream career, I still can feel proud of myself for completing college. I can’t wall t Tort my next chanter AT Tie so

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On My Way To School Essay
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