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Bitter Gourd Essay Essay

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Amply, also known as bitter melon, is a crawling vine that grows well in tropical countries, particularly in the Philippines. The term amply refers to both the plant and its fruit, which is elongated, green and has a rough and rumpled skin.

Known for its bitter taste, the amply is at once a staple ingredient in Filipino and Asian cuisine and a reliable home remedy for various illnesses, particularly diabetes. Amply has long been a popular part of many Asian vegetable dishes. Although the bitterness of bitter melon might turn some people away from it, it can really sweeten health because of its disease preventing and health promoting photo chemical compounds. Amply is rich In Iron, potassium, beta-carotene and other nutrients. Aside from Its role as a healthy food, amply Is especially valued by bathetic for Its known anta-adulates properties.

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Amp Jam Is made out of bitter gourd and special sweeteners which can also be served to diabetic people. Many diabetic people suffer from their sickness which also affects their eating habit; diabetic people are not suitable to eat sweet food because it can affect their blood sugar. Jam and candies is one of the foods that can put diabetic people into trouble. Amp Jam is the solution for their craving in sweet foods, delivering a smooth sweet yet bitter food that is good for diabetic people and children who do not eat vegetables. Nature of EDP Amp Jam” Is the name of the product and It Is manufactured.

The name “Amp” is derived from Its mall Ingredient which Is the amply. What made the product delectate for others that It Is made with a nutritious vegetable called the amply. It undergoes a complex process, especially ingredients in a tolerable level to make it distinctive from other varieties of Jam. Objectives of the Project This project aimed to apply all the knowledge gained by the researchers in their past subjects in business management program through conducting an actual business practice. Specifically, it aims to: 1. Apply the skills and knowledge of the proprietor in operating a business; 2. Utilize the bitter gourd in the production off healthy and nutritious Jam; 3. Produce a Jam that can also be served also for diabetic people and; 4. Determine the profitability of the Enterprise Development Project. Time and Place of the Project Amp Jam sales operation is thrice a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday based on the distribution strategy and per order of the customers. Production time will start at 6:00 a. M. – 1 1 a. M. Operation of the business commenced on the fourth week of January antitrust week of March 2013. Figure 1. Location of the enterprise Amp Jam was manufactured in Bulk 43 Let 24 Brag.

Bitter Gourd Essay

San Miguel I, Disarming City, Cavity. And the alternative store is in San Sister Labrador, I Disarming City, Cavity, Disarming Town Proper, Disarming City, Cavity and Cavity State University Emus- Campus. Organization and Management The Owners/General Managers of the Earnest Enterprise are This is a general partnership wherein they both bond the overall capital needed for the business to operate. The name of the enterprise comes from the owner’s name, Era and Kenneth. Ms. David is in charge of handling the accounting and inventory of the products, while Mr..

Graded is in charge of the marketing process, creating promotional activities in the selling process of Amp Jam. The term marketing mix refers to the four major areas of decision making in the marketing process that are blended to obtain the results. The four elements of the marketing mix are sometimes referred to the four As of marketing. The marketing mix shapes the role of marketing in doing a business and in making a profit. Each element in the marketing mix, product, price, promotion, and place – consists of numerous sub elements.

Earnest Enterprise used marketing mix, which was the basis of their strategies in pricing placing, producing and promotional aspects of the product as it was launched in the market. Since it is a newly introduced product in the market, marketing aspect is a must in order to get the target market consumption. The marketing concept holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of the target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. In order to satisfy its organizational objectives, an organization should anticipate the needs and wants of nonusers and satisfy these more effectively than competitors.

Target Market. The target market of Earnest Enterprise are those health-conscious people and diabetic patients who retrain from eating sweet foods. Competition. Jams are commonly consumed as filling in bread. Unlike other fillings, Amp Jam can be served to any health conscious person who wants to avoid sweet fillings that can affect their blood sugar. Figure 4. Indirect competitors of Amp Jam The above figure shows the direct competitor of Amp Jam which are Clara Ole and Philippine Brand.

These are locally manufactured in which they produce different rarity of Jam, like Strawberry Jam, Mango Pineapple Jam, Mango Jam, Pineapple Jam, Guava Jam, Coconut Jam and Orange Marmalade Jam. The products of Clara Ole weigh at egg at the price of 74. 50 while the Philippine Brand products weigh at egg at the price of 99. 50. Product. Amp Jam would be very beneficial for all ages and sexes. If served with bread, it will become a heavy meal that is a good substitute for lunch and snack. Since many people perceive its bitterness, Earnest Enterprise had of changing their views on its bitterness the moment they taste Amp Jam.

Amp Jam an solve their liking in sweet foods. Figure 5. Amp Jam Figure 6. Logo of Amp Jam The “Amp Jam” logo is composed of four colors which are the red, yellow, green, and black. These colors are appropriate in the product line because Red is attention- getting to the eyes of the buyer. Yellow means cheerfulness and fun which is good for promoting the product. Green symbolizes health and healing and Black symbolizes protection and comfort, it is good to apply color black in a product to ensure its safety. Price. Price is one of the four As in the marketing mix and is yet another weapon in the marketing armory.

Price penetration is a marketing strategy used by firms to attract customers to a new product or service. Penetration pricing is the practice of offering a low price for a new product or service during its initial offering in order to attract customers away from competitors. The reasoning behind this marketing strategy is that customers will buy and become aware of the new product due to its lower price in the marketplace relative to rivals. Penetration pricing can be a successful marketing strategy when applied correctly. It can often increase both market share and sales volume.

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