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Financial Compensation for College Athletes Paper

Can you imagine if you worked for a company where you must sacrifice most of your personal time, continue to be under the authority of another person, while being fully committed and giving your best effort to your job? However, while you continually work hard, your boss is the only one receiving a paycheck. That is the lifestyle of college athlete, they do all the effort in actually performing for the team while their coaches are paid and they are not. According to the U.S. News, the NCCA makes around six billion dollars annually. However, players still do not see any of that money, even though they constantly run the risk of a career- ending injury every time they step foot on the court, rink, or field. A group of former players has filed an antitrust lawsuit alleging that student athletes are entitled to some of the money that the NCAA makes off using their names and likeness on merchandise such as jerseys and video games. Players involved in college sports should be paid because: they put a lot of time and effort into their sport, programs are now dealing with athletic scandals which are becoming an epidemic due to the absence of money, and players are now choosing to drop out of college all together to pursue the professional leagues where they will be paid.

Players continually exert a great deal of time and determination into their sport they play while pursuing a college education. According to Marc Edelman, “the typical Division I college football player devotes 43.3 hours per week to his sport- 3.3 more hours that the typical American work week.” If a college athlete works on average 3.3 more hours than a worker who regularly paid for their job, why is not the same do for these competitors? It is extremely hard to balance an education with playing a sport; the league does not make that balancing process easier when their students spend more time with a ball rather than a book. “Division I baseball players said they spen…

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