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Final Fantasy Fan Club Essay

The project that I have decided to make will be a Final Fantasy Fan Club. I have decided to do this as my project because it is something that I am in to, and therefore I will be able to input a lot of information into the club without having to research too deeply into it. I have decided to call my club ‘Final Heaven’, I have decided on this because it is a ‘final’ fantasy club, and it will be a ‘heaven’ for its members as they will be able to chat with other members and receive exclusive information and offers based on Final Fantasy.

My club will have two sides to it. The first side will be a data side, where I will create a member database ready for members of my club, and I will also work out all the finances, which go into my club. The second side will be the media side; with this I will design my own advertising campaign, which h will include a TV advert, posters, flyers and a web page.


At the time of typing this I have only ever seen Internet Final Fantasy fan clubs, these only provide a limited amount of resources, and offer nothing that can be taken away, only the opportunity to talk to other Final Fantasy fans, and see pictures and gain advice. I think that although this is good, there is a lot more which could be offered. So I have decided to try and go the extra step and offer more to the Final Fantasy fans than a simple web page.

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The internet clubs are normally made very easily with a web page design tool, although I would like to create a web page as part of the club, I feel that a more hands on approach with newsletters and club items is much more appealing as it gives people a sense of belonging.

Also web pages can be unreliable and can be closed down or moved to different addresses, this is very annoying and can put people off revisiting a site. One good thing about using a web page is that it is easy to upload new data and pictures and therefore can keep up with new ideas. This is an idea that I would like to incorporate into my web page, as I like the idea of reusability. Also with my web page I would like the members to have a password which will only allow them access, this will make them feel that they are getting their moneys worth and not any old person can access the site. Also with an internet website the owner of the web page would have to e-mail all members, rather than do this I would like to use a database system to send proper letters to the members which are more informative than an e-mail.

I am going to design my project in 6 sections, these sections are ~

Design and create logo to be put on all documents

Making a database to store member information

Create a spreadsheet which can work out formulae for club expenses

Create a newsletter to be sent to each member through mail merging

Design and create a web page that is exclusive to members

Create an advert in PowerPoint that can spread information about the club

Section 1 – Design and create logo to be put on all documents

This section will be very short, as it only requires some simple inputs. I will have to make attractive text saying “Final Heaven” and then I will have to input a simple logo, which will represent the club well.

Section 1 – outputs

The outputs that I would like from this task are ~

A logo which has the text “Final Heaven” and a suitable picture

The logo must represent the club well and be attractive

The logo will be able to be resized to go on all club documents and media

Section 1 – Inputs

To create the desired outputs I will have 2 inputs these are ~

A picture to represent Final Fantasy

The text “Final Heaven”

Section 1 – Tackling the problem

To fulfil the criteria of making an attractive logo I could draw something by hand, after I had done this I would have it coloured and then I could have it reproduced using a colour photocopier, this could then be increased or decreased in size, and then placed on each piece of work.

Also after I had drawn the logo, I could put it on a scanner and import it into all my documents, this scanned picture could also be increased or decreased in size. Although this method would work the logo would lose some of its sharpness between the scanning and importing

Alternatively I could produce my logo using the computer. I could create my text using word art or another programme, and I could get my picture from the Internet and import it into paint where it can be placed on the text. After this it can be easily transferred to all my documents and art.

Section 1 – Desired Outcomes

I expect that my finished logo will be clear and attractive. It will need to be colourful to make people attracted to the club. It should be instantly associated with the club and not be confusing. It should be able to be resized into lots of different software packages.

Section 1 – Performance Criteria

* The text – Final Heaven

* An image associated with Final Fantasy

* Can easily be imported into different software packages

* Can be resized without losing its distinction

* Is attractive and eye catching


For this task I will need to test whether the logo can be resized and imported onto all my different stationary, if it cannot do this then it has not fulfilled its requirements and I will have to re-design it.

Section 2 – Making a database to store member information

For this section I will have to design a database which can store member information, this database will let me find any member of my club easily and can store all the different information that I will need on each member. The data in the database can be mail merged to send letters to all my members.

Section 2 – Outputs

The first output will be the facility to search for any members by any criteria. This means that if we need to search for the information about a specific customer, maybe to cancel an account, the customer can be easily located and deleted from the accounts. This will be easier than manually searching for a customer’s account and getting rid of the details.

Another output of this task will data collection forms, these will need to be produced as part of the data collecting part of this task. If you do not have these sheets then the data cannot be collected therefore this is a subtask of my database section. The data collection forms will have to have a place where a potential member can fill in their name, address, D.O.B, Telephone Number, Email address, Subscription Required (each member will be able to choose a plan which will suit their budget, lite will be the cheapest with the least bonuses for the member. Medium will be the average subscription with a few bonuses and privileges. Full will be the most expensive price plan but the members who subscribe to this will be sent all extra information, given all club privileges and discounts at a famous games retailer) then all this data can be transferred to the system and sorted correctly. With the subscription type available, sending members the right pack will be easy as a search can be done for each price plan and then the results mail merged to the information that has been paid for by the customer.

Section 2 – Inputs

The inputs that I will need for this task will be all the members’ information; this will be collected on the data collection forms that I will create. The information will be:



Telephone Number



Subscription required (Full, Medium, Lite)

Credit card number (If paying by credit card)

I will then put all the information into the database that I will create in Microsoft access. To get actual information to put into the database I am going to make up all my members’ details, this is so I can test to see if my search facilities work.

To find who is using what type of subscription plan I am going to have to create a query. This query will let me search for Full, Medium, or Lite, and then all the customers who are returned in the search can be sent the appropriate newsletter.

Section 2 – Tackling the Problem

To complete this task manually I would have to collect all members’ information and then store them alphabetically, then if a members details were needed I would have to sift through all the B’s for example, until I found the correct name then their details could be found. If I wanted to write letters to all my members this way then I would have to find each member and write their address on the letter.

Fortunately because we have the ability to use the computer, this means that a database can be set up in Microsoft access and can the have all members easily added to it, they can also be taken away as easily as they were put in. if you needed to find a specific member of the club then the search function would allow you to do this. Also with this method all the data can be backed up onto a floppy disc and also onto an online storage facility, this means that if the original data was lost or destroyed, there will always be a spare.

I will make my data collection forms in Microsoft word; these will be A5 and will have all the necessary spaces to fill in the member’s information.

Section 2 – Desired Outcomes

I expect that at the end of this task I will have a database, which will be able to store all members of my club, this database will have the facility to search for any details that I may require about the customer, and only the detail that I have searched for will appear. For example if I searched for everybody whose surname began with ‘B’ then I would only expect those members to be returned, if ‘Sarah Turpin’ was returned then my search must not have been correct. Then with this search facility accurate, I can find each member on the different price plans and mail merge the newsletter to the correct person. I will already create the search for subscription type as then I will only have to type in the type to get a result rather than going through the whole search process. I also expect my data collection forms to be A5 and simple for members to fill out.

Section 2 – Performance Criteria

* A database which will contain all members

* Searches for subscription type are already set up for easy searching

* Members are easily added and deleted from the database

* Searches for members will be easy to create


To test this task I will need to test whether my searches work and if they bring me the correct results. I will also need to check that all the data can be easily changed. If I cannot do this then my database is not successful and I will have to alter it to make it work.

Section 3 – Create a spreadsheet which can work out formulae for club expenses

In this section of my task I am going to design a spreadsheet that can help me to work out all the different things I will have to buy to make the club work, and then I can work out how much to charge members for the subscription per year. With this method I will want to make a small profit but not excessive as this may put potential members off if the price is too high. I can work out the profit by seeing how many members I have in each subscription type and multiplying the amount each of them is paying by that amount. With this I will see how much money I am getting in, and then I will take away all the expenses, this will leave me with a final profit.

Section 3 – Outputs

My outputs for this task will be a spreadsheet with formulas on which will work out the money that I am spending on club expenses, this can then be used to figure out a suitable amount to charge the club members for their subscription.

As there will be 3 different types of subscription I will need three different formulas on the spreadsheet, and each one will work out the costs for the people on that subscription. Although I do want to make a profit from my club I do not want to make it too expensive, as it will deter potential members. When I have worked out the amount I charge for each subscription, I will multiply the amount of money I am getting in by the amount of people on that subscription, after this I will take away the amount of the costs, this will leave me with a final profit for my club. The spreadsheet will need to be easily altered as the price of different things will go up or down and the gifts that will be sent to each member will change also.

Section 3 – Inputs

For this task my inputs will be all the costs that my club will have. I will have to find out how much things cost roughly and then I can put them into my spreadsheet and work out how much the members must pay each year.

Section 3 – Tackling the Problem

To create a system by which I can figure out expenses for my club I could figure out all my expenses for the club, and then add them all together by using a calculator, then I could write down the total of the expenses and decide how much to charge the members for their subscription. Then if any of my costs changed I would have to work out all the costs again with the new price and find another price to charge members. Although this method could work in practice the easier way to tackle it would be to use a computer spreadsheet. All my costs can be put into 3 simple formulas that will add up the total for each. Also if a cost is changed then I can easily change it in the formula and the system will alter the final cost for me. Using this method I can keep all my costs up to date without the risk of an error in the calculations, which will unbalance all my profits.

Section 3 – Desired Outcomes

The desired outcomes that I would like in this task are, 3 easy to use formulas, one for each subscription type, in one spreadsheet. In all the formulas the sums will have to be exact otherwise it will make an error in all my calculations. The formulas will b distinguishable from one another so that there are no human errors in reading which one is for which type of subscription. Finally each formula has to be easy to modify as the price of different things will change all the time and I need to keep my club up to date

Section 3 – Performance Criteria

* 3 formulas for working out club expenses and membership charges

* Each formula is easy to distinguish for its subscription type

* Each formula must be easy to alter

* All sums are correct

Section 3 – Testing

For testing in this task I will need to check whether all of my sums are correct. To do this I may need to check it all out by hand then see what result the computer gets. If the 2 are the same then I know my sums are correct on the computer.

Section 4 – Create a newsletter to be sent to each member through mail merging

For this section I am going to design 3 newsletters in Microsoft word. There will be 3 because of the 3 subscription types and each newsletter will have the amount of information on it according to the subscription type. So a person on the lite subscription may have just one newsletter with general news, whereas the medium subscription will have two newsletters with general news and another with more news in depth. The people on the full subscription will have at least three newsletters with general news and a lot more information and offers that really makes it worth their money. All the newsletters will have to be mail merged

Section 4 – Outputs

For this task my outputs will be one newsletter full of general information about the club and final fantasy. This newsletter will be sent to all of the members of my club. The next newsletter will contain more information about final fantasy and will go more in depth into the games. This newsletter will be sent to people on the medium and full subscriptions. The final newsletter will contain offers, money off vouchers and extra information that is not on any of the other newsletters. This will only be sent to members on the full subscription.

Section 4 – Inputs

The inputs I will need for this task will be, information about final fantasy that I can put into the newsletters to make them interesting, and also pictures that are associated with final fantasy to liven up the newsletters.

Section 4 – Tackling the Problem

To make the newsletters that I am going to send out to my members I could design them all by hand, then add pictures by sticking them on, and when it is finished I would use a photocopier to reproduce as many as I needed. This method is extremely long though, and every time I needed a new newsletter I would have to design it all again. So to complete this task I am going to use Microsoft word. Using this I can insert pictures text and put in plenty of colour if I need these things. Then when it is finished, I can use it over and over again just replacing the information and changing a few pictures, this way I can keep the newsletters looking fresh without having to redesign them all again.

Section 4 – Desired Outcomes

For my finished newsletters I would like them all to be attractive and easy to read. They have to be full of useful information and not just jargon that will not interest people. I want to be able to mail merge all my newsletters to the right customers as it is important that they receive what they pay for. The newsletters will have to look professional and not sloppy, but they will also have to be fun and not look too serious as I think most of my customers will be children or teenagers.

Section 4 – Performance Criteria

* One newsletter for all members

* Another letter for members on medium and full subscriptions only

* A final letter for members on the full subscription

* 3 professional but fun newsletters

* 3 newsletters which can be easily redesigned each month

Section 4 – Testing

My testing for this task will be to check that my letters can be mail merged, and also that they can be redesigned easily if I need to.

Section 5 – Design and create a web page that is exclusive to members

For this task I am going to design a set of Web Pages, which will be part of my club. I am going to use word to create them all. I would like them to have a password restricted area which only my members can get into, this will make the member feel like they are part of something exclusive and will hopefully attract more customers. The web pages will use hyperlinks to connect to each other, they will be colourful and full of more information about final fantasy, they will also contain the newsletters which are sent to all members so that people can also have this to look at.

Section 5 – Outputs

The output of this task will be a set of attractive web pages; they will all be linked together with hyperlinks. The web pages will have lots of information, pictures and other things to do with final fantasy. There will be a password-restricted area for members only; this will be full of exclusive content and offers that cannot be accessed by the general public.

Section 5 – Inputs

To make my web pages I am going to make them using Microsoft word, this will allow me to add pictures text and all other things that I may need to put on my web pages, such as previous newsletters, news, fan art etc I will also need to find out how to make a password restricted part to a web page

Section 5 – Tackling the Problem

To complete this task there is only one way that I could make the web pages, this is to use a computer-based programme such as word. Then after I have designed it on this I can upload it to the Internet. I could use either publisher or word to design the web pages, but I have chosen to use word as I feel that I can work better with it, as I know it better than publisher. To get pictures onto my website I will copy them off the internet, then I can paste them into my own work, I can also use a scanner to scan in drawings and other art I feel is suitable for my web page

Section 5 – Desired Outcomes

For my web pages to be successful I want them to be very attractive and look professional. I want them to be instantly accessible and easy to redesign and change. I want lots of hyperlinks so that people can navigate the site easily. I want my password-restricted area to work well and be useful to my members. I would like lots of different sections to my site to make it exciting to visit because then people will come back, and they may even decide they would like to become a member if they are not already.

Section 5 – Performance Criteria

* A series of web pages

* Each web page will be attractive and easy to read

* Working hyperlinks

* A password restricted page exclusive to members

* Easy to change and keep fresh with new information and ideas

Section 5 – Testing

The testing I will need to do on this task will be to test that all my hyperlinks are effective, and also to see if my password restricted page works. These are the only things I will need to test for this task

Section 6 – Create an advert in PowerPoint that can spread information about the club

This is my final task, I have decided to try and make what could be a possible advert for my club. I am going to try and out in information that will attract people to the club, and also pictures and other things to make it colourful and attractive

Section 6 – Outputs

For this task my outputs will be an advert created in PowerPoint, this advert will contain basic information about the club, such as, subscription types and their prices, special things members get, and how to join. The advert will have to last about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Section 6 – Inputs

The information that will go into the advert will be; the subscription types, their prices, and maybe previews from one of the newsletters. I am going to create the advert using Microsoft PowerPoint; this will allow me to make a basic slideshow.

Section 6 – Tackling the Problem

To carry out this task I could run around with a video camera filming banners that give the information about the club about. Or I could act in it telling people about the club and showing them things by hand. Although this method would be fun, it would also look amateur and be expensive. So instead of doing this I am going to create the advert using Microsoft PowerPoint. Using PowerPoint I can build up an advert slowly using its ability to place together different stills to make a slideshow. I will have to make it look good and add attractive backgrounds and text as it is being designed to attract members. I will make it so that it lasts around 30 seconds to 1 minute, as this is a reasonable time for an advert.

Section 6 – Desired Outcomes

For this task I want the finished product to be an attractive professional looking advert, which reflects the club in the best way possible. It will contain all the information that I feel necessary for people to know, such as prices for club membership and how to get in contact. The advert will last 30 – 60 seconds and will have to be smooth when it is running otherwise it will not look good and there will be no point in even running it.

Section 6 – Performance Criteria

* A professional looking advert

* Lasts 30 – 60 seconds

* Gives club information without being boring

* Shows how to get in contact to join the club

* Features pictures associated with final fantasy

Section 6 – Testing

I do not think that there is any big need for testing on this task, the only thing that may need to be tested is that the advert runs smoothly and is easy to understand.

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