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Ethical Concerns for Paralegals Paper

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The elements off professional negligence claim include: Question 6. Paralegals are permitted to: Question 7. Which of the following constitutes unethical solicitation? Question 8. While at the district attorneys office, Paralegal Frizz worked on the prosecution of thousands of cases, Frizz feels trapped in that job. Even though he would like to move into the defense side for a law firm where he could find higher salaries, he’s staying put because he knows that he would raise conflict issues at all of the local firms.

As Fritz’s friend, you advise him to stay put at the D. A. ‘s office because he conflict problem cannot he solved and the benefits are better where he is nap. ‘ay.

Question 9. Paralegals are permitted to draft legal pleadings.

Question 10, Non-licensed persons can never represent clients before administrative agencies.

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Question 11. A lawyer will often be disqualified from a case if the case is substantially related to a prior representation in which the attorney represented the other side of the dispute.

Question 12. The duty of confidentiality covers all information relating to the representation of the client, regardless of the source.

Question 13. The client’s consent always urges a conflict Of interest.

Question 14_ Client Morris confessed to Paralegal Beverly that he lied on an answer to interrogatories. Beverly reported the lie to her supervising attorney and wrote a memorandum to the file about it, as well. When Morris later sues Bravery’s law firm for malpractice, the firm…..

Question 15.The unauthorized practice of law includes activities:

Question 16. “Subornation of perjury’ refers to:

Question 17. Disciplinary action for unethical behavior by attorneys may result in:

Question 18. An attorney cannot: Question 19. In bad economic times, law firms that handle bankruptcies are happily very busy. Paralegal Andrew, who is unemployed, offers the following during his interview: “l know a lot of people who need financial help right now. Could probably bring in 100 clients just by networking my friends. ” Andrew

Question 20.Attorneys are under no obligation to cooperate with the opposing side in a case.

Question 21. Clara Client has just been presented with a standard representation agreement by the law firm of Hyatt & Berger. Collar’s first language is German. Although she speaks and reads everyday English quite well, the legal terms in the contract confuse her. Hyatt & Berger should

Question 22. Attorneys can be held responsible for the errors of their paralegals

Question 23. The First Amendment of the Constitution offers no protection for attorney advertising.

Question 24. Claudio wants to apply to change his student Visa to a work permit Visa. He goes to the BBC Legal Clinic but there are no lawyers there -? only paralegals. Claudio is Okay With that because he can fill out the form without help. However, when he gets to the blank that says “Middle Name” he doesn’t know What to do. Claudio doesn’t have a middle name. When he asks a paralegal at the BBC Legal Clinic what to do with this blank, the paralegal Question 25. Sandy Glasswort (Paralegal) has joined his family for Thanksgiving.

Sandy grandfather asks a general question (to everyone sitting at the table) about writing a holographic will on letterhead stationery. (Grandfathers question is whether the printed part of the stationery invalidates the will because the will is not written entirely in the testators handwriting. ) Sandy takes Grandfathers question as a hypothetical and responds to it along with everyone else at the table throwing in their opinions. Later that night, Grandfather rewrites his holographic will on a blank piece of paper based on Sandy reply to the question. Which of the following is true?

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