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Film vs. Text Paper

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These books show the paths taken by heroes and how the Gods have mingled with their lives depending to whom they are favored. As a result of the world’s large interest on these pieces of art, a film adaptation of these epics have been produced throughout the years.

But turning these epics Into film adaptations can cause alterations on the vents, leading to misconceptions and confusions about the epic Itself. The movie Troy was by far, the closest adaptation of The Iliad. It still portrays the most important parts with only slight alterations. The first thing to be noticed was the absence of the Gods on the film. The Gods portray a great deal on the Iliad for it is with them that the mortals win or lose their battles, according to who the Gods favored. Another difference was between the beginning of the epic poem and the film.

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The Iliad started on the battle between Chrysler, a town allied with Troy, and the Achaeans. Two dutiful maidens were held captive and they were Chrysler and Berries. In the film Troy, however, it started on the conquering of Thessaly by the Greeks. Nevertheless, both the beginnings of the book and the film implements Achilles disdain for Agamemnon. A character which shows another difference between the text and the film was Patrols. Family ties were given great importance on this film. One man will do anything for his brother’s sake, Including putting his own country at stake.

It was probably why In the epic, Patrols Is only a beloved friend of Achilles but In the film e was portrayed as a cousin of Achilles. The film showed a family bond between the two to probably Justify the violence and disrespect of what Achilles did to Hector as a revenge for Patrol’s death. The war between the Trojan and the Greeks could have been prevented If not for Pearls treacherous act towards Menelaus. Both the book and the film depicted the duel between Menelaus and Paris for the hand of Helen.

What made that scene different was the fact that at the film, Paris was the one who suggested the duel. The film suggests that Paris undergone several changes, room being daring for the sake of Helen and Troy. To being a coward when In face with the enemies then being valiant at the death of Hector while the book shows that he was from the start, a coward but he had changed into being courageous for the sake of avenging Hector and for the sake of Troy. Originally, Menelaus was not killed by Hector; he was only shot by Panders under Ethane’s Influence.

It was both shown on the movie and the text how Achilles stopped fighting for the Greeks for several days. During those days, the Greek army continued to lose their battles. Patrols owned the battle wearing Achilles armor and he was killed by Hector. The difference on this scene between the text and the film was: In the epic, Achilles agreed to Nester’s Idea of having Patrols to wear his armor to drive the Trojan back to their city walls but on the film, neither Achilles nor the Myrmidons knew that Patrols was 1 OFF are different; it led to the same outcome, Achilles fury towards Hector.

In the film Troy, not once was Hector featured as a fearful warrior even up to his last breath. The last scenes of Hector were him welcoming whatever his fate might be and fighting Achilles heroically but on the text, it was said that he feared Achilles when he saw him approaching the gates of Troy. The start of their fight was Hector fleeing from Achilles around the walls of Troy until Athena tricked him into believing that she was on her side.

The film depicted the bravery of men and their passion to fight and die valiantly for their motherland while the text showed the reality that men, however, brave they are, still fear their deaths as it comes near them. The epic poem The Iliad ended with the burial of Prince Hector, tamer of horses, and in comparison with the elm, Troy, the story ended with the burial of Achilles, the greatest warrior of the Greeks. The Odyssey, a sequel to the epic poem The Iliad, centers on the Journey of Odysseus on his way home to Ithaca after the Trojan War.

The 1997 film version of The Odyssey is the most faithful adaptation of the original epic poem. There are only few differences between the text and the film, the first to be noticed is the style that the film was adapted. The film used a plotted technique wherein it started at the birth of Telemeters and the arrival of the Greek Kings to persuade Odysseus, and his adventures to Ithaca was accounted from the first up to the last.

In comparison to the film, the text was written “In medias rest” style wherein Odysseus was to be seen imprisoned on the island Aggie by the nymph Calypso until he was freed and he recounted his adventures that led him to the island of Aggie to the king and queen of the Physicians. There have been deductions to the film; one was his adventure to Samaras, the city of the Scones. Another was when he was swept on the land of lotus-eaters. There was also difference on the span that they stayed at Circle’s island.

The film showed that they stayed there for five years while it was only a year on the text. The film stayed faithful to the text in terms of how Odysseus deals with each of his adventures, Penelope loyalty to his husband, Telemeters’ hope for his father’s come back. And Odysseus, even after having affairs with women, still yearns for his own family and stayed loyal and faithful to his own land. The film and the text both ended with the reunion of Odysseus to his family and country and finally there is peace again in Ithaca. Lopped, Thailand Mari M. BSM-AAA

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