A Time To Kill Movie Summary

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In my opinion, the film a Time to Kill is a really good film. As Samuel L. Jackson acts as Carl Lee Hailey and Matthew McConaughey acts as Jake Brigance, they do a good job to portray their character’s roles. The director Joel Schumacher relies on devices like the camera work and editing to add emotion throughout the film. Within the film, the director uses camera work and props to get the audience’s attention. The films plot is one about racism.

As a little girl, Tonya Hailey is walking back home from the grocery store, she gets full beer cans thrown at her by Nikki Kat who plays the role of Bill Ray Cob and Doug Hutchison who plays the role of Pete Willer. She gets raped and they tried to hang her, but the branch wasn’t strong enough so it broke and she ended up not dying. As Carl Lee Hailey finds out he gets angry. The cops send the two boys to jail.

They set a court date and Carl Lee Hailey sneaks into the courthouse and shoots both of them, Carl Lee goes to jail. He has a white lawyer, Jake Brigance. Jake fights for Carl Lee to be free. While the trail is going on, the KKK messes with Jakes family.As the court date approaches Jake Brigance fights to free Hailey.

Throughout the film, the director uses a variety of camera work to throw attention to the audience. In the beginning scene, the camera shows this yellow truck a lot to foreshow something is going to happen with them and that they are going to play a big role in the film.

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In the scene where Tonya Hailey is walking home from the store she drops the eggs, the camera zooms into the eggs. The eggs cracking represents her not being able to have babies anymore. The director also puts the camera from Tonya’s point of view, to show the viewers whats really happening from her perspective. It looks like she is on the ground and she sees blurry.The camera zoom in her shoe to use as a reference to foreshadow that letter the show will be used as evidence for the police.

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As I said, the f…

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A Time To Kill Movie Summary
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