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“Fight Club” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Fight Club”

Valentine, and I’m just so and began to read. Moreover, the film was not looking. I read with an open mind. Praise about Palahniuk did hear … but they had no effect on me. Even if he had influenced me in some way laudatory responses, it is literally the first sentences of the book – would have killed this effect at all. Is not it so? About how young people perceive Palahniuk – you can see the reviews and here on Bukmikse, and more … in some places. And to see the evaluation. And about the impact on young people’s minds … In fact, I met young people who know do not know about the “Fight Club”. On the other hand, I have heard at least one of Marlett. Personally, I do not know the girl, but I know that in our city there are fairly well-known “advanced” a girl named Anna, who had married a “alias” (not even a nickname, and almost changed the name). And I know one of Tyler (this nickname in the local network). Before reading “Fight Club” and I had no idea what kind of nicknames / nicknames. And only just now realized their origin. ———- 2 Noyra. “There is a lot of literature that I have my own child without the subsequent comments did not allow him to not brought out the wrong conclusions.” Agree. Of course, to communicate with their children in literary and moral themes related – it’s wonderful and it’s great. But the problem is that at some point in the hands of the younger generation get the book in addition to the will, desire, and even _znaniya_ about it parents. They exchange books with friends. The parents not only can not influence this process, and even have no idea about what to read our children. Especially of contemporary literature. (By the way to read Palahniuk me, including a feat and that’s a case of my family’s life – that is, to understand what and why is reading my daughter).

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