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Fight Club Inceleme Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Fight Club”

At one time, “Fight Club” was for me still the “blow to the head,” a cinematic first, then the literature. And a review of this masterpiece really wanted me to write for a long time – and there would be my all-it was all that had already been written about this text all and sundry. And it is written much better than in any case would have turned out at me.

So I’ll write about something else. This book is actually – about love

And it becomes absolutely clear on the thirteenth page of the “orange” Russian edition.. Palahniuk, as usual, very straightforward and does not encrypt the message of: “We have here a kind of love triangle. I love Tyler. Tyler loves Marley. Marla loves me »

And the following pages this is quite banal (except for the fact that two of its top – it is still not two, but one person). Triangle rapidly mutates into some surreal megaoktaedr with shimmering faces and vague internal connections. In these faces and blink – all that famous “BC”. And the denial of self-identification through commodities and proletarian revolt in the spirit of “Mess-Mend” and the project “The defeat,” as the world’s terrorist plot, and anarchism, and the idea of ​​spiritual regeneration of humanity through its destruction. Everything.

Fight Club Inceleme

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But by the end of this madness radicalist, trekked through a series of shameful own insights (oh, how I do myself had not realized? !!!), you realize that this most monstrous octahedron meanings, relationships and faces formed like an infernal box of “Hellraiser” again in the same love triangle, which is actually not a triangle at all, but “a line segment joining the points a and B”. Love. Complicated, of course, and a split personality, and the infamous writer’s worldview, along with original literary device, without which, of course, was not Palahniuk Palahniuk would agree, but I still love.

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