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“fight Club” Book Review Paper

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Essay on “Fight Club”

To begin, perhaps, it would be necessary to recognize the fact: not whether Fincher, it is unlikely someone Palahniuk was so massively in Russia known. Especially since no one would read it to and from the orange cover and alternative series is unlikely to be caused spetsifitsicheskie Association. For me, as for all, Palahniuk began with the film. That is why the reading was accompanied fincherovskimi characters and decorations: Norton bruised face, lips bitchiness Carter, a circle of light in the field of club meetings and dirty wallpaper on the walls. That’s the problem: they do not exist in the book

Palahniuk wrote a very topical novel.. Especially there, in America. Who would have thought that a table from IKEA can be a better epithet to describe the way of life of the hero? We do not yet understand the horror of the situation, we would like this as a funny joke. But we already have something like a middle-class, white collar strangulation and adolescents with “crappy view of the world” – for them and the book. Like any truly great work, “Fight Club” was written about people, typical of the era. Norton’s character – the hero of our time; ring, mind you. Let us frankly, do not you ever wanted to smash the head of the nose, or blow up the house (…)? This compares favorably with “BC”, and from the works of major (read: boring) writers with their versions of the problems of the present, and from most of the so-called sucked from the finger “Alternative literature”. Just do not get carried away and we will hang on the author’s halo of genius: an interesting idea and aptly noted by the desire of the middle class – it does not pass the golden fund of world literature, but it is not bad, it’s – on the other side. A really good entertainment literature. Although she, in my opinion, lacks the richness of presentation, colors, images, because nebrezlivy reader soap from human fat is not afraid as long as it’s just text, but make it real – this would have the skill. I admit that too much:)

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So what “BC” is quite possible to give the grandchildren with the words: “. Esteem So no one lived, but all dreamed about it” .

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This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on “fight Club” Book Review and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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