Feudal System Pyramid

In modern society outdated legal systems, such as the feudal system and the common law, are upon as vanquished memories of the past, but in reality the modern legal systems and laws that we live by today have traces of these memories of the past and have been developed from these outdated ones.

The feudal system as a very rich history and are the roots of the Canadian legal system, with a very important significance to our modern system. These traces of ancient legal systems will always be a part of Canada’s legal system.

About the Feudal System The feudal system is a very big system, filled with rich history. Society was dependent on the feudal system, it was the modern legal system for roughly 1600 years through out Europe, in use from 300 A. D to 1400. The Feudal system was based on allocation of land in return for service.

The feudal system could be organized in layers and is often looked at in a diagram of a pyramid, with the most honorable and looked after people were towards the top of the pyramid, and the common people towards the base.

There were several groups within this pyramid, varying in distance from the top of the pyramid and base, each group under the highest authority was a vassals to the groups directly above them, this meaning that they swore loyalty to them. The king or emperor would always be at the top of the pyramid and be looked at as the most rueful figures and be the highest of authority to all groups in the pyramid.

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The Feudal System Diagram

Under the highest authorities there would be the lords, who were vassals to the king. Under the lords there would be the knights, who were vassals to the lords. Lastly, under the knights would be the peasants, who were bound under the feudal system and also known as serfs. The king would start out by giving the lords fief, which usually consisted of land and the labor of peasants, and peasants, in return the lords gave shelter to the knights, in return the knights provided honor and public respect, also now as homage, and military service.

The knights would then pass on food, protection, and shelter to the base of the pyramid, the peasants, in return the peasants would farm the land and pay rent. The feudal system was a way for the upper nobility class to keep maintained control of the lower classes. The feudal system was a system that led to many modern legal systems that take place today. The Feudal System’s Significance to the Canadian Legal System The feudal system is deeply connected to our current Canadian legal system and has many similarities.

The feudal system directly connects with Canada’s legal system since both of the systems regulated through taxes. In the feudal system peasants were given land to farm and make a living, shelter, and protection in return they paid rent, which served the same purpose as taxes in the Canadian legal system. In the Canadian legal system citizens must pay taxes to the government yearly and whenever they make a purchase, these taxes go to shelters, medical centers, police forces, and military forces, these are then available for the citizens, giving them Job opportunities, helter, and protection.

The feudal system ties into today because in the feudal system, unless you were the highest authority, there was some one who would give orders to you in exchange for something. This happens today, an example of this would be at a Job, a worker is given a order by his boss in exchange for money and benefits, while the boss has also received orders from the possible head office or district in exchange for a greater amount of money and perhaps better or more benefits. This would go on and on until the highest point of authority is reached, who s most likely to be looked as the ‘most powerful’.

The feudal system still exists within the modern Canadian legal system. Our historic legal systems have been a great part of the worlds past, present, and most likely future. The feudal system has rich content that shows how significant it is to the modern Canadian legal system. The feudal system will always be known as a historic legal system, but will also be looked at as the system that inspired the Canadian legal system and will continue to inspire in centuries to come.

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Feudal System Pyramid
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