Femininity in Female-Fronted Indie Rock Bands

Butler’s theory of the performative nature of gender is referenced in most of my other sources. Butler argues that “gender is always a doing” (p.34), meaning that our gestures, actions, ways of grooming, etc.,all add up over time to create gender expression. Gender Trouble is widely recognized as a book that changed how feminists and philosophers think about gender construction. In terms of my project, I will mostly be drawing on Butler’s thoughts on how we might challenge and contest gender norms through repeated acts of gender subversion.

Doubleday takes a global, historical look at men’s and women’s relationships with musical instruments. She writes that men seem to continue to dominate the realm of musical instruments for two reasons: in most cultures men control space (venues, recording studios, instrument repair shops, etc), and in most cultures men are granted more access to technology and related knowledge. Doubleday points out that for a long time (until the 1970’s) European women were restricted to roles of vocalists and dancers.

Doubleday is a lecturer at the School of Historical and Critical Studies at the University of Brighton. She has also done fieldwork in Afghanistan (on performance and women), so I respect Doubleday’s background and careful research. I plan to use her discussion of the emergence of female instrumentalists and all-female bands in my section on female indie artists’ mastery of instruments and gear that are considered “masculine.”

Femininity in Female-Fronted Indie Rock Bands Femininity in Female-Fronted Indie Rock Bands Femininity in Female-Fronted Indie Rock Bands

Farrugia and Swiss use interviews to expose the barriers women in electronic/dance music experience as well as the strategies they use to succeed.

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Some of the barriers faced by these women include the “boys’ club” space of the recording studio and other components of gender division in the industry, limited technology skills or experience (due to cultural norms of encouraging boys but not girls to develop these skills), and limited access to techn…

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Femininity in Female-Fronted Indie Rock Bands
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