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Femenism Essay

Is a very strong component In the three short stories that were studied In class. The stories consisted of “The Story of an Hour”, “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “The Vanishing Princess”. All of the stories possessed a female protagonist who was somewhat dominated by a male figure. Even though the female characters have completely different backgrounds, they all seemed to be in similar situations. To understand the nature of the stories we must look at them under a feminist perspective.

This allows us to see the negative affect that that the men had on the omen in the story. In every story there was a man who degraded the female protagonist and even though they were done is different ways, it resulted in the female mentally, or physically disappearing. In “The Story of an Hour the female protagonist Mrs.. Louise Mallard was a normally married woman when she was told about her husband’s death and started to feel different emotions then she expected. “She said It over and over under her breath: free, free, free! ” She felt little to no sorrow, but rather had an Insurmountable feeling of freedom and prosperity.

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She legalized that throughout her marriage she had been Limited and confined, but It was not by her husband directly. She felt that she was confined to the marriage, and that being married to someone limited her soul and her wellbeing. “There would be no one to live for during the next coming years, she would live for herself”. With the Joy and excitement that came with this realization, she was looking forward to her next chapter in her life when the husband showed up on her front door and everything she wanted out of life vanished into thin air.

The moment ended up being too much or her already weakened heart, so she passed away in result of heart failure. In “The Vanishing Princess” the Protagonist Is a princess who doesn’t have any “human traits” like e. G. Eating, or time keeping. So throughout the story, the male soldiers who pass by end up putting their Ideas of women and how they should be on the princess until she finally doesn’t recognize herself and she ends up questioning her identity along with her existence until she ultimately disappears.

The main difference between the two characters is that the princess in getting imprisoned by the male ideology in the rising action, while Mrs.. Mallard is getting free. The major similarities in the characters are that they both are being changed by the men or their relationship to them until they can no longer bear it and end up disappearing. In the story “The Yellow Wallpaper” our female protagonist is being put down and degraded by the two male characters. Both characters are close to her and they both have a higher position in authority.

She Is mentally Ill and her husband and brother who happen to be doctors are trying to cure her. “And I know John would think It absurd. But I must say what I feel and think In some way’. Throughout the story she Is trying to share her Ideas on how to cure herself, but by being a female In a male-immolated world ten men put tenet Ideas AT now a woman snouts Olsten Ana follow a man’s lead “he (the husband) is very careful and loving, he hardly lets me stir without special directions”.

She is constantly ignored until she ultimately loses her sanity completely and ends up possibly killing one of her doctors. The main difference in the characters is that they all ended up “disappearing” in their own way after being confined in the male dominated society. This showed that they were not pappy with the way they were being treated so they escaped in in whichever way they could. The similarities in between the characters is that they were all under the domination of a male figure and they all ended up failing to cope with confinement that came with being degraded as a female.

Every woman did what they could to find their way out. In conclusion the three stories that we discussed, all three female protagonists were confined to a male dominated society and they each found their way out of it. Each character had a different setting and back story, but they all went wrought the same degraded and limited lifestyle. Mrs.. Mallard was limited in what she felt she could do in her life because of her marriage.

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