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Essay Examples on Federalism Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Federalism

During the time surrounding the debate of federalism, many different opinions and views were held concerning the type of government that the newly formed United States should adapt. Most people fell into the category of federalist or anti-federalist.Federalist were in favor of a strong central government and in favor of the Constitution. Many of their ideas concerning the Constitution were written in the Federalist Papers. In accordance with Federalist No. 31, the Preamble, Article I, and Article VI of the Constitution, the Constitution was constructed does not grant unreasonable powers to the national government that will destroy the sovereignty of the states.

The federalists state that the United States need to have a strong national government in order to protect our nation. In the preamble of the Constitution it states that the government must “provide for the common defense, promote general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty”. It is because of these duties of the national government that it secures it’s powers over the state’s powers to protect the well being of the nation. Federalist No. 31 says, ” the whole is greater than its part; that things equal to the same thing are equal to another”.

This means that the national government can not have equal powers of the state because then there is no higher power. The national government must be supreme in order to insure a cooperative and running government. The national government has a checks and balances system to insure that even thought the national government is supreme over state government there will never be a tyranny. The states still have their rights. To ensure safety the national government must be designed in such a manner to have power over the states.

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Federalist no. 31 states that to insure the country’s safety against violence from foreign or domestic violence the government must have ultimate authority in this case.

2nd Essay Sample on Federalism

Globalizing and localizing forces at work in the world today are generating a need for a new solution to meet the demands of both.The traditional sovereignty of the nation-state is being corroded by increasing interdependence with other countries and by internal factions struggling for independence. Government power is undermined by the apolitical objectives of transnational corporations, causing world leaders to scramble in an effort to dictate some limits on market absolutism.International confederations of economic and military nature increasingly characterize the global landscape, as they try to define and enforce international law, both contractual and criminal.Federalism is becoming a more popular form of government for states because it appeals to the desire of groups to achieve greater efficiency and retain some regional sovereignty at the same time.Entering into a federal arrangement can help overcome threat of tyranny of the majority and prevent the concentration of power in the hands of an elite by separating powers between more than one level of government and providing a system of checks and balances.People feel more connected to their government when it is closer to them, but they are also protected by the larger framework guarding individual rights and freedoms. A federal system, as defined by the literature is one in which more than one level of government exits and power is distributed between these levels in such a way that neither government can unilaterally dissolve the other.Smaller constituent governments are contained within a larger, over-riding, central governments and are usually connected by some form of written constitution.Power can be distributed in a centralized manner where the balance of power is with the national government or in a decentralized model emphasizing regionalism and constituent governments.

Another Essay Sample on Federalism

The framers of the Constitution defiantly, by far, did not create a perfect system of federalism.The system they had created harmed the federal government devised by the Constitution in more ways than one.The weak points of the system of federalism included the division of power, the elections, and the diversity.Obviously these points are strong in the arguement against the Constitution and the federal system.According to the Constitution itself, the system created would become a correction of the past mistakes and outweigh any competition for a better document, which could potentially operate a union. The federalist division of power was an obligation in order to meet criterea of all participants [of the Constitutional Convention].The main focus of division was most likely to whom will receive power and how much power will that party receive.When the framers of the Constitution created a division of powers, they essentially created an abstract idea of which would relate much to a spider web.All strings in every direction…only the spider itself knows its way around the web.The confusion created by the framers, would boggle citizens for centuries. An election usually means, a group, or party, voting for another group or party to continue services favored by the voters.In essense, the election is a conventional philosophy to grant more time to people who need not be involved in an affair, and grant the appropriate, wanted time, to those who have dedicated their time to an affair. There is a very, excessively large, percent error in this theory.The views of a politician, such as one under a federal system, may be voted into office, and then change views, no longer favoring the people.

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