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Fast Food Research Paper Paper

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Paper type: Research paper , Subject: Bad Eating Habits

The sample paper on Fast Food Research Paper familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories, and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.

Describe In-N-Out in terms of the value it provides for costumers Costumers find valuable In-N-Out food because of the quality of the food and service that they receive. They find a valuable experience going and buying a Hamburger, Fries and Shakes. Having a small menu can be helpful for the employees as they can learn quickly and perform better.

Having one of the best costumer services, In-N-Out enjoys a pretty high value for costumers, consumers often compare benefits VS. cost ND they found multiple benefits and a low cost in this establishment. Aside of having a great value, In-N-Out maintains great customer satisfaction meeting the expectations and creating loyal costumers upon their fast-food restaurant. As costumers leave satisfied by their meal, they create Like a “chain of Information” In where, the costumers tell others to try this addling room.

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We can say that In-N-Out enjoys a Value of Great deal of benefits at a Low price. For example: Their meat Is 100% pure and fresh beef. Other restaurants include additives, fillers or restoratives to their meats, which causes a great advantage and/or benefit for In-N- Out. In-N-Out service is considered one of the best, according to various websites such as Yelp. Com and Trapdoors. 2. Evaluate In-N-Cut’s performance relative to costumer expectations. What is the outcome of this process? The In-N-Cut’s is a strategically plan design for In-N-Out to have less stores in specific places.

Thesis About Fast Food

By having fewer stores to take care, In-N-Out can focus on their logo “Quality you can taste”. As the others companies expand their businesses, the more In-N-Out remains with the name kind of quality, services and products. That’s why they are at the top of the pyramid, costumers really Like their services. By having fewer stores they keep their costumers craving for their hamburgers, which, when they have It they meet their expectations and beyond satisfaction. By policy, a new store can be opened if a well- trained staff is produced and also if they have distribution centers around.

Because of the good products and services they don’t have to spend that much in advertisement. They clients do that Job for them without even paying them because hen a costumer leaves happy then he or she tells friends to go and try. Also, various celebrities have been seen taking orders there and going with their friends. When prospective-costumers hear about In-N-Out they hear all good comments and that makes them desperate to taste and go the restaurant, they have set a high expectation for this establishment because of comments.

When they get there they see, taste and confirm these expectations. So I think It Is a good strategy to have a few establishments because It keeps them focus on their slogan, “Quality that you can sate”, which others stores forget In order to get more money. Don’t think In-N-Out should get a high-growth strategy because, as they say, they keep “breaking the rules”. First of all, they have fresh and good quality meals which is like their first commandment.

They make sure that: their meat is not frozen, their vegetables are hand-sliced and their shakes are made of real ice cream. Which is nearly hard for other companies who are practicing the high-growth strategy because they have so much to think about that they lose that freshness in their products. Second, they train capable and enthusiastic people to work as an employee; they give them a lot of rewards to keep them happy. In-N-Out follows a simple formula: Happy and motivated employees = Loyal and satisfied costumers.

Imagine they were like KICK In-N-Out establishments all around the world, it would be hard to give employees the kind of rewards they are giving them now, such as Full paid vacations to Europe or Full benefit packages. Following the formula that I mentioned before, Sad, angry and UN-motivated employees= unsatisfied costumers. Third, it keeps the costumers wanting and craving more. So it’s for sure that when costumers are going to a trip to where there is an In-N-Out store, the local is the first thing to do on the list.

This is Just an example of what kind of loyal costumers they have. Their costumers have to travel all the way from other state to buy a hamburger, and by a “hamburger” I don’t mean any hamburger but a really great one. If there was a hundred In-N-outs maybe people will get bored of buying the same thing every day and one day they are not going to buy them anymore. So better keep them wanting more and more. Fourth, they don’t have to spend millions of dollars in advertisements. That’s only because they have stick to their beliefs, quality of the food and services.

Costumers without asking would definitely go to their neighbor’s house and talk wonderful things of In-N-Out food and services. That’s only because they make sure to train their staff and make sure everything is fresh. 4. With so many customers drawn in to In-N-Out “no change” philosophy, why don ‘t more burger chains follow suit? Other burger chains don’t follow this philosophy because they think that by expanding their menu they are able to attract more people to their restaurant, also because they believe in “innovation”.

I think, as a costumer, that if I go too restaurant I like certain dish I would be likely to go again to that restaurant because of that dish and if that dish is no longer available in the restaurant then I wouldn’t come back. Burger chains, such as McDonald’s or Burger King started with a small menu but as the time passed they had more money to create and expand their menu. When they expanded their menu they started paying more for more ingredients and appliances, which might have produced deterioration in quality. In the other hand, In-N-Out maintained their menu keeping the quality of their ingredients up.

It could be that these burger chains that expanded their menu, enlarged its menu because of the demand that the restaurant had. By having more locals all around the world you could attract more people. For example, McDonald’s in Panama have this “Tuesdays Depict’ that McDonald’s USA does not have. This obviously attracts more Panamanian people to buy their “national” breakfast. By having this kind of burger chains by the corner of your house it’s more likely for you to buy them even though you will like to eat In-N-Out, only because their restaurant

Fast Food Research Paper

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