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Fashion in the 1970s Essay

Throughout the 20th Century, fashion has been a major influence in the United States. It has helped people express their beliefs in a controlled manner and shaped the way for women's rights. Each decade has had a profound effect in today's world, but one decade that really stands out is the "ME" decade, also known as the 1970's. Fashion in the 1970's was a way for people, especially women, to express their feelings about the times and the changes that were happening around them. Before understanding the fashions of the 1970,s it is important to look back and understand how fashion started in thefirst place.
In the beginning of humanity, people were only interested in their survival. In order to survive man needed food and shelter. When it became cold, "some migrated to warmer places. Others found techniques for keeping warm, such as clotheing and fire. Those who could not adapt died from statvation or exposure." Clothing was part of human culture. Fashion began as a way to keep warm, and protect the body from outside things such as weather, sharp rocks and plants. "Initially humans wrapped themselves in animal skins, later they laced the skins together with strips of leather."
Just as history tells people about the life of humanity, fashion tells us about history. During early civilization of ancient Egypt we have learned through the discovery of the tombs found in the pyramids how the people of that time dressed. "Women wore jewelry, perfume and make-up. Most people wore linen clothes. Women wore shawls and sheer ankle-length dresses."During this, time levels of class became important. Members of the upper class, middle class and the lower class all dressed differently. Even today, the class of people can be determined by what they wear. Throughout humanity, man has been wearing clothes. Atfirst, it was for warmth and survival reasons, but later it became someth…

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