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Family Health History Project Paper

According to the research findings, our family seems to have a history of alcoholism, tobacco, obesity, and allergies. There are numerous ways to enhance ones chances of avoiding these common health complications in the family. Such dictate for living a health live while giving much considerations against the main risk factors causing the complications.

To avoid alcoholism, one should engage with good friends. Since, most members of the family seem victims of alcoholism, none victims should not try it. To achieve this, poor peer pressure influence should be avoided. Another way of realizing and alcohol and tobacco abuse free live in engaging in constructive social activities such as games, community services voluntary groups, and in religious mission activities (Marley, 54).

These social and religious activities function to mitigate preoccupation of the mind with evil thoughts and emotional stress, factors which are closely attributed with alcoholic and drug abuse activities by individuals. In addition, involving in these activities could enhance exchange of knowledge on sustainable social behaviors.

The other common health complication in our family is obesity. Over the past few years, concerns on obesity in the nation are high. This problem has been eminently attributed to food nutritional practices in the family as well as family heritage. Nevertheless, despite the evident hereditary factor of obesity in the family, healthy behavioral practices can serve much in avoiding sustaining this condition. First, one should ensure eating of balanced meals with high levels of fiber (Marley, 90).

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According to available medical reports, the leading cause of obesity among members of the American population is increased over reliance on junk foods and soft drinks. These types of foods have been attributed with high contents of fat and energy and an eminent lack of other useful body components such as protein and vitamins. Therefore, to reduce the sustenance of obesity, one should avoid junk foods and in place emphasis more on eating organic food products.

Still on preventing obesity is the question of exercise. It has evidently been established that most incidences of obesity in the community are due to low rates of burning of extra energy in the body. Such are mainly attributed to lack of sufficient exercise by the victim. Unlike in the traditional society, industrialization and technological advancements have served much in reducing straining in the community. It is commonly unheard of walking to and from school everyday or even to a shopping center.

These and others function to reduce the rates of energy expenditure by the body. Due to this reason, it is advisable to engage in exercise frequently to ensure a sustainable body structure and size (Marley, 90). This could no doubt help in mitigating infection with obesity.

The last common health problem in the family is allergies. From the research findings, dust, cold, and seafood are but the main cause of the condition. Therefore, avoiding allergies problems dictate for ensuring a dust free living and/or working environment (Marley, 70). On the side of cold as a cause of allergy, one should always ensure they are on warm clothing.

In addition to clothing, one should engage in house warming particularly during winter seasons. The type of food one eats should be guided on their body reactions. Given the food varieties available in the market choice always remains a right. All these means is to avoid seafood products as a lasting measure against sustaining such allergy.

Work cited

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