Example Of Counterculture

Family Counterculture” “l believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the war. These are the years from Greatest Love Of All song of Whitney Houston. After listening lyrics of this song, I realized that children are very Important In our life because they are the happiness of family today and the future of our world. Thus, investment for children is investment for our future.

However, it is not easy to raise hillier to be good residents in the future, especially in society today, children have chances to contact and use technology as television, computer, and phone.

There are a lot of parents believe that watching television has negative effects on children, but some of them think television brings advantages for children’s development. Watching television helps children learn and acquire knowledge faster, also helps children reduce stress after school time. First of all, the best way to memorize knowledge is using pictures and sounds which are on television.

If you have choices between reading a book and watching a video from television about animal world, which one do you choose? Reading or watching? I am sure that a lot of children choose watching video because the pictures and the sounds from video help them feel Interested and remember longer than reading. In fact. When I was a child, I did not Like history because It Is so boring; therefore, every time I went to history class, I slept. So my history teacher found a ewe way to teach his students was giving so many movie clips that related to his lesson.

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Family Counterculture

Finally, my friends and I felt Curious and excited when we watched his movies. After that, I found some shows on television which were about history, and I watched them for a long time. In addition, television does not only provide knowledge about history or animal that are very helpful for children, also provides new information about the world as astronomy, universe, and science. Moreover, after school time, children need to relax and have fun, so watching elevation can help to reduce stress.

For example, my cousin usually watches cartoon on television after his school. He laughs and has fun when he enjoys cartoon. He told me that anytime he got bad score in his school or felt not good, he watched cartoon on television that helped him forget everything. Sometimes, he sang and danced with characters from programs. Besides, relaxation Is an Important factor In the life. For adult, they can go out with their friends, or playing music that helps them reduce tress; however, children can’t do that.

They are still young to go out with friends, so watching television is the best way to reduce stress. To sum up, watching television does not only help children acquire new knowledge fast and remember long, also helps to reduce stress. Everything has advantages and disadvantages; the most Important thing Is how parents control and children combine learning new knowledge with relax by watching television appropriate? If children feel comfortable, they will study faster and more effective.

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Example Of Counterculture
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