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“Family child’s eyes” Review Paper

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Essay on “Family child’s eyes”

For the first time with this book I came across, while still a student. She needed me to write a term paper, and then – one more (and maybe not one, can not remember exactly), and in the end – to write a thesis. Then I forgot about it safely and only recently reminded me of her, was asked to write this review. For the first time doing this “custom”))) I hope that helps)

Of course, it was necessary to revise the book and read a few chapters to remember what is written Homentauskas and why the book was so in demand by me (and most of the students of faculty of psychology ) in the years of study. Of course, I guessed that it was not in vain, but once again prove this was nice and even useful.

As it turned out, in fact, a book I have not forgotten. Specifically, I do not forget what is written in it. Many times this essential parent-child relationship for the first time I have read here. Until now advising parents use the information from this book. Had forgotten that it is from the book “Family child’s eyes,” but it is difficult to challenge.

Gintaras Homentauskas offers a look at the relationship in the eyes of the child’s family. It describes specific situations that arise in any family, from two points of view: an adult and a child, sometimes showing how much we are mistaken in their conclusions about the child’s behavior, and how simple it really is. The child is not treated the guests with sweets … Either get a bad grade, as soon as the pope stopped to perform with him homework … or contrary to the opinion of others believed his father’s drinking and protection of Oprah … A lot of simple situations, which sometimes seem complicated and unsolvable. It turns out that everything becomes easy, if you look at the world through the eyes of a child, because thinking it yet different from the thinking of an adult: it is more specific and centered. The terms are not clear, but in the book they explained, so I will not spend time on their explanation.

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Even more information, give the head of the education in the family of one, two or more children. Because often parents wonder why their children are so different, but brought up in the same family. Read and find the answer to this question.

Also, parents often do not notice yourself, put the child in an environment that can not but affect the future of his personal growth and development. The author is very clear and understandable (as always), describes the pros and cons of different types of parenting and family attitudes. If you read these chapters, you will, most likely, over many to reflect and to change something in their lives. At least, I give you this advice)))

And finally: the book will be really helpful for anyone who has anything to do with children. As stated in the summary: “The publication is addressed to parents, practical psychologists, family therapists, teachers, educators and social workers” .

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