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Fall of Weimar Republic Essay

Essay Topic:

In 1919, a defeated Germany was forced to abandon government under the Kaiser, who had fled to Belgium and adopt the Weimar, a democratic but flawed system.Soon after Hitler and the Nazi Party appeared, and years later the Weimar Republic fell.What accounted for the fall of the Weimar?My essay will prove that there was not a single reason, but in fact a series of events that lead to the collapse of the Weimar.
President Ebert used the Freikorp, who were a rightwing mercenary unit, to put down the Spartacus uprising, a communist inspired revolution.After that, Ebert was always seen as an enemy in the eyes of the extreme left, and so consequently the government he represented, Weimar, was also seen in the same light.Next, the Kapp Putsch saw Dr. Kapp, leader of the Freikorp and an extreme right-winger, try to take control of Berlin with his mercenaries.This time Ebert used the moderate leftwing in the form of the trade unions, to put down the revolt, by calling a general strike in the region. This would result in the rightwing becoming against the new republic, along with leftwing groups.But possibly the greatest threat for early Weimar Germany was the Treaty of Versailles.The treaty left the Weimar with a massive debt that she was unlikely to repay. The problems that were handed to the new government and the events that occurred as the new Republic was created can be seen as a factor that lead to its eventually downfall.
Weimar Republic's type of government caused another problem.Its parliamentary system was proportional representation, allowing small, localized parties, such as the Nazis and Bavarian People's Party, to gain seats in the Reichstag, gaining national recognition and prestige.No party ever gained majority government during the history of the Republic, and this weakened the government.Proportional representation was responsible for a series of coalition governments, which ruled Germany t…

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