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“Facts and professional programming error” Review Paper

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Essay on “Facts and professional programming error”

№1 fact. The author would like to call this book “The F-book”


Robert Glass originally wanted this book called “Fifty-Five Frequently Forgotten Fundamental Facts (and a Few Fallacies) about Software Engineering” (Fifty-five often forgotten basic facts (and some errors) of software development), or in short “The F-book”, but the publishers considered the first name is too long, and the letter F in the second name – too dirty (F-word indicates not just a word beginning with the F letter, but in general the word, is not recommended for use in polite society (thanks to the editors for explanation)), and therefore agreed on a shorter and presentable name.

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The controversy

Every writer dreams of his book to stand out among the many other authors of books. Some of the most popular and well-known books are informal names (eg, GoF-book or Dragon-book), which give them the faithful readers, and it is quite understandable desire to Robert Glass to his book has received such a special name. But one desire of the author is not enough to make it happen, and despite the hints of the author of the informal title of this book, it has not got its informal name (but who knows, perhaps not all is lost).

Fact №2 . Virtually every professional developer will find something useful in this book


Robert Glass in the pages of this book raises a very wide range of issues and challenges faced by professional developers during their daily activity. In the book, there are several key themes: the complexity of software products and processes; incorrect estimation and timing of delivery pressure; problem troubleshooting; code inspection; particularly maintenance of software products, and more.

The controversy

In the words of the author, in this book he seeks to answer the question “What?” rather than “How?”. “It’s important for me to pull out these facts back to the surface, where they can freely discuss and make progress in the practical follow them.” He picks up a wide range of issues, which completely cover the life cycle of the development process and trying to draw your attention to a particular problem. The author does not give answers to the questions raised, and believes that the most important thing – it is recognition of the fact that the problem exists at all

The benefits of this book depends on the reader’s experience.. For some, will be the most interesting questions of the project management, the human factor and difficulties assessments; for the second – issues of design, architecture and especially the transition from design to coding; third – questions the complexity of software and the answer to the question of why the increase in complexity of the problem by 25% leads to an increase in the complexity of the solution to 100%; for Fourth – especially testing, code inspections and response to the question why a hundred percent code coverage test does not give a result; for the fifth – the difficulties associated with product support and asking what percentage of the cost goes to the correction of errors and to develop new functions; shestyh- for the answer to the question, why is the quality of modern software products is low.

Most of these facts and fallacies in one form or another is discussed elsewhere, but we must admit that the author in many respects far not everyone in our area know, remember and are aware of these problems. With the facts in this book, you can agree or disagree, but more importantly, “to your creative spirit was in the process, an additional incentive, and in my head already matured thoughts about how we can better carry out the work on the creation and maintenance of the software».

The fact №3. Book by Robert Glass is very interesting, but the masterpiece is clearly not up


The book of Robert Glass will be useful for many developers, but I can not put it on a par with books DeMarco and Lister, Brooks and Yourdon, Hunt and Thomas. The book is interesting and useful, but not brilliant.

The controversy

This fact is highly controversial, and many readers of this book may not agree with me. The genius of the product is difficult to describe in words, and even more difficult to justify why one book refers to the genius, and the other – no. It must be admitted that this book is very popular with the audience, but we must recognize the fact that it does not cite in every other book on software development. The book gives the impression of good-quality, well-designed, it adequately reveals almost all the topics it touches, but still it something is missing. Robert Glass sticks to his style, sometimes ironic, sometimes serious. But reading the facts there is no feeling of euphoria, like reading or DeMarco Brooks. The difference of language is particularly noticeable in the chapters on management, in which Robert is just based on the “human factor” and “Mythical Man-Month.” Well it is written, interesting, but citations that would fit the role of posters in the room of programmers, alas, almost none. If you take the question of the complexity of the software, the book given to him in 15 (!) Of the facts, but the completeness and quality of the presentation is significantly inferior to Brooks and buchu. . Again, good, solidly, but not brilliant

To conclude the debate this fact, it is recognized that the number of books that the computing community recognizes genius – units. As in any other field, in the field of computer books, geniuses too little progress is based on good-quality professionals, to which refers the book of Robert Glass, with its facts and fallacies of professional programming.

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on “Facts and professional programming error” Review and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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