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Factors Affecting Chemical Equilibrium Paper

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What Factors Affect Chemical Equilibrium? Introduction: In investigation 14, ‘What Factors Affect Chemical Equilibrium? “, the purpose was to find out which reagents caused a change in the chemical equilibrium. A deep red color was formed when Iron Nitrate (aqua)l was mixed with water and Ammonium Technocratic [NCSC (aqua)]. The product of these two reactants was Iron Technocratic(Fences). After different trials of mixing the given reagents with the Iron Technocratic and changing the temperature, a new equilibrium was reached and the color changes were recorded,

Experimental: Materials Used: 1 M NCSC (aqua) 0. 10 M Syncs (aqua) 0. 1 M Fanny (aqua) 1 M Naphtha (aqua) H2O Bunsen burner Test tubes Beakers Pipette First, Iron Technocratic (Fences) was formed by adding B drops of Iron Nitrate [1 M (aqua)] and eight drops of ammonium technocratic [1 M NCSC (aqua)] to 100 ml of H2O, After the deep red solution, Fences, was created, the solution was divided into eight different test tubes and two separate beakers. Then, each of the reagents listed above was added individually to each test tube.

The color change was observed, and the results were entered into the data table. Once all eight test tube had the reagents added and the data recorded, the beaker to Fences solution was put on a Bunsen burner at 600 C. The color was also observed and recorded in the data table. The final beaker was stuck into a container of ice, and the color change was observed. Each group added their data to a data chart to compare the results, Results: Reagent Color Changes Of All Groups D darker L= lighter

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Equation used to create the red solution: H2O + NCSC Fences Conclusion: All of the objectives of the investigation were accomplished during this experiment. The results demonstrated that if the reagent added were the same as the initial reactants and NCSC], then the external stresses on the equilibrium would be shifted to the right side of the formula, thus making the solution a darker red color.

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