1st Essay Sample on expansionism

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the United States pursued an aggressive policy of expansionism, extending its political and economic influence around the globe.Attempting to control as much land and its people as they can.Strip mining what little resources the smaller countries had, just to fulfill their greed and to line their pockets with the green. The fact that Americans at the time thought they needed to interfere with the lives of others wasn’t to well justified.

Americans though that they needed to baby-sit and civilize the uncivilized.The so-called white mans burden was only made a burden until we created it.Up to that point the other people didn’t interfere or bother the Americans.The imperialistic Americans were themselves contradicting their own believes.The fact that everyone has his or her own right to religion, and they still needed to teach these uncivilized people religion.These ideas were only used to make the Americans feels better about what they were doing.

They knew that they would burn in hell for doing such things, but they needed to create moral support for themselves so that they could continue on with the assimilation. Document 1 best describes this assimilation of others:McKinley though that he shouldn’t give the Philippines back to Spain because that would be cowardly and dishonorable.He states that he shouldn’t give it to Germany or France because it would be bad business.The bad business would be that America would lose money.

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He doesn’t want to cut them completely lose because he feels that would create a mad scramble of the powers that might drawn the United States into.He says this yet, America has been imperializing other countries and doing just that, getting drawn into conflict.He says that god gave all these ideas to him, the same god who gives him life, and lets him live in his own will.

2nd Essay Sample on Expansionism

The late 19th century through the early 20th century was a time marked by expansion.But it did not begin at that time.Expansion on the American continent occurred many years before and the late 19th/early 20th century is only a continuation of previous expansionism.There were similar motives; however, altered to deal with specific situations dealing with foreign nations.Obtaining land was done similarly, depending on what obstacles were to be dealt with.Despite the United States desire for expansion, there were limits with the western frontier and so contained their continued spread for a time.But once a way to go past these limits was found, they were able to continue from where they left off. The main motive for expansion in the 19th century was the idea of Manifest Destiny.The American’s were supposedly destined by God to expand from ocean to ocean.But soon after this idea was set in place of American citizen’s minds, President James Polk announced to Congress that the Monroe Doctrine should be enforced allowing the US to forcefully expand westward.The Monroe Doctrine and its Roosevelt Corollary was a continuation of the idea of Manifest Destiny, altered to allow the US to deal with foreign powers standing in their way. However, from the Monroe Doctrine, also came additions to the policy to go for a more forceful approach towards expansion.Roosevelt’s Big Stick Policy called for amore powerful way to confronting foreign nations.This policy lead to wars dealing with lands in the Western Hemisphere, including the Caribbean.Spanish misrule in Cuba led the US to intervene and push Spanish influence out of the West in the Spanish-American War, which was backed by the Monroe Doctrine.Roosevelt stated that “in the Western Hemisphere…the Monroe Doctrine may force the United States…to the exercise of an international police power.

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