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expansionism Essay

During the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century the United States engaged in an imperialistic attitude as it entered into the "age of empire."This new American empire began on the North American continent where it spread until the last of the continental United States was occupied.From the continent, America began to expand its empire to other parts of the world, which was their "manifest destiny."In opposition to imperialism, some Americans felt that it was not America's duty to force undeveloped nations to surrender their government to the United States; they, therefore, departed from the common cry for expansionism.Thus, American expansionism was started upon the North American continent, expanded to other nations, and was thought by some to be very un-American in that it took away the rights of people.
American expansionism began as the eastern peoples of the United States pushed westward into the unknown territories.During the early to mid-nineteenth century, the "Iron Horse" pushed westward into the unpopulated territories and brought trainloads of civilians to populate the land.The land began to fill with inhabitants, leaving no room for more."An increasing volume of public…[demanded]" (doc C) that the United States expand further into other parts of the world.As Americans filled up the west, they began to "tame" the Native American Indian by passing laws such as the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887, which dissolved many of the tribes as legal entities and gave Indians eventual citizenship.Once the red man was controllable, Americans felt it was their duty to "civilize" the rest of the savages around them.
Americans saw surrounding lands as potential independent governments, territories to civilize, and new places for trade.As the Cubans dreamed of independence from Spain, the American people were ready to help fight &qu…

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