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Expansion of the United States: Texas and California Essay

The Expansion of the United States: Texas and California
In 1819, the Transcontinental Treaty was drafted with Spain, which set boundaries for the United States that included the territory of Texas.However, in 1821, the treaty was ratified and just as Americans (led by Stephen F. Austin) had begun to settle, Mexico did away with any semblance of Spanish rule.For a while after this, Mexican authorities were giving free land to groups of American settlers.Some 20,000 Americans with roughly 2,000 slaves lived in Texas by 1830…only several thousand Mexicans lived among them.
Originally, President John Quincy Adams had offered Mexico $1,000,000 (one million) for Texas…even though he was willing to pay up to $5,000,000 (five million).Mexico would hear nothing of a sale.This did not stop American settlement of Texas, though.By the late 1820's, the problems were beginning to become apparent as most of the settlers were Protestant and Mexican law required that all settlers were to be Catholic.Another point of contention was the slave issue.Mexico outlawed slavery and in an effort to get around this, the Americans "freed" their slaves only to turn around and sign them as lifetime indentured servants.Even with the passing of a law by Mexico issuing a ban on the immigration of American settlers into Texas, the American population continued to boom.
With all of the newly imposed Mexican laws, the people of Texas began to speak of Independence.By 1835, an all out rebellion was beginning to take place and with the military and financial aid the Texans were receiving from "volunteers" in America, they were holding their own with Mexico.As a result of the rebellious actions of the Texans, the Mexican President (Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna) began to move toward Texas along with 6,000 Mexican soldiers and in February of 1836, he reached San Antonio.
The ensuing battle is the notorious "Battl…

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