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Executive and LegislativeIVE Differences Associated with Recons Essay

President Lincoln introduced his restoration plan to the country in 1863. During early Reconstruction many compromises were made to introduce the south into American society.Thus incorporating the needs of the newly emancipated slaves. While President Lincoln was crucial in trying to join the north and south, he was assassinated prior to seeing his country reunited.His successor, Johnson who was disliked by members of the nation, haddifficulty with President Lincoln's vision. During this time, ex-slaves were trying to integrate into the newly reformed American economy and society. Throughout the course of the twelve-year period of Reconstruction, black Americans made painful gains for equal rights.Lincoln's announcement of restoration plans for the country began with what he called his 10 percent plan. He proposed exculpation for Confederate citizens, not Confederate officials, who agreed to an oath pledging loyalty to the Union and accept the Union's wartime acts and proclamations concerning slavery. Once 10 percent of any Confederate state took that oath, those specific individuals would be then allowed to organize a new state government. During this time Congress was made up of radical Republicans, moderate Republicans, and Democrats. Radical Republicans wanted no Confederate leaders to come to power in the south.Additionally, wanted the establishment of the Republican Party as the "national party." They demanded the federal government should ensure civil rights for ex-slaves. Moderate Republicans agreed with the radicals mostly, but weren't confident about full equality for black Americans. The last group, the Democrats, wanted the south to be integrated into the new American society with little restrictions as possible. These differences crossed party lines, resulting Republicans and Democrats agitations.Because of Lincoln's 10 percent plan, northerners and southerners compromise…

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