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Exam Study Computer Concepts Paper

Computer Concepts Exam Study for University of LA VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): Hardware, software, and protocols used to make call over the internet. Convergence: Basically combining devices into one device, Ex) mp3 and cameras on cell phones. That’s convergence. File: A named collection of data. Digital: Discrete Data Super Computer: The fastest and expensive computer Analog Data: Continuous data EBSDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code): A method by which computers represent character data. Machine Code: Program instructions written in binary code that the computer can execute directly.

Registers: Area in microprocessors where data or instructions are moved so they can be processed. Word Size: The number of bits a CPU can manipulate at one time. Volatile: A term that describes data that can exist only with a power source. Shareware: They have a trial but once its over, they need to pay for it. Open source software: Software that includes the source data so programmers can modify and edit it. Executable file: File containing instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task. Multiuser Operating System: Allows a computer to deal with multiple processing requests.

Bootstrap Program: Loads and initializes operating system Incremental Backup: A backup that contains files that changed since the last backup Differential Backup: A copy of all the files that changed since the last full backup HomePNA and HomePLC: HomePNA uses cables and HomePLC uses electricity wires. WIMAX: Fixed wireless internet and range is 30 miles. TCP: Responsible for establishing a data connection between two host and breaking data into packets. Asymmetric internet connection: Downstream differs from upstream. Symmetric Internet connection: both the same

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