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Evolution of Homo Erectus Essay

Homo erectus (meaning “upright men,” homo means men and Erectus/erect means upright.) is an extinct species of hominid and were assumed to live around seventy thousand to 1.9 million years ago. Homo erectus have thought to be originated from Africa and later migrated to South East Asia (Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and China). Homo erectus were the most technological advanced of the species in their time. This advantage accompanied with the knowledge of how the world worked gave them an advantage over their competitor (Homo Neanderthal) which later caused the extinction of Homo Neanderthal. Homo erectus was an important aspect of human evolution as it was the first species that showed physical features like brain size and the cranium size similar to Homo sapiens (a huge aspect when trying to understand the intelligence of an animal, bigger cranium/skull would suggest larger brain which would mean that; that species was smart and able to do critical thinking in order to survive). All these steps/events suggest that Homo sapiens must have been an evolved form of Homo erectus.

The origin of Homo erectus dates back roughly 1.9 million years ago. It was the first species ever to migrate vast distances (first species of hominin to migrate outside of Africa to Southeast Asia). This is known because many sites bearing Homo erectus fossils found in Southeast Asia date to an earlier date than the fossils found in Africa, this suggests that Homo erectus must have migrated from Africa to South East Asia at some stage of their lives for some unknown reason. One of the reason could be that because the species of Homo erectus was capable of doing great things such as understand the world around them and use that as an advantage, their population increased by vast amounts which forced some of them to migrate to other places. One of the main reasons Homo erectus were successful at settling outside of Africa was due to their technological advance…

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