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Every Picture Tells A Story Essay Paper

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This image shows a figure of African-Americans line uping. Their line extends from one border of the exposure to the other proposing a long waiting line. The work forces and adult females are have oning coats suggestive of the manner during the early portion of the twentieth century. It must besides hold been a cold twenty-four hours in fall or early spring in that they have to set their custodies inside their pockets to maintain warm. In the background is a elephantine hoarding picturing an American household comprising of a female parent. male parent. two kids and a Canis familiaris. They are inside a auto drive through the countryside.

Essay On Every Picture Tells A Story

On top of the hoarding are the words “World’s Highest Standards of Living” and on the right in cursive. “There’s No Way Like the American Way” . These words suggest to the spectator the richness of an American life style. specifically the mean American household. To belong to an American household is the best topographic point to be in the universe. The lensman is seeking to indicate out the sarcasm between the two elements in the image. The whole image suggests a pictural commentary about inequality in American society and the semblance that the hoarding advertises.

The “highest criterions of living” that the hoarding ascribes is merely applicable to the white American. The traditional. smiling. healthy. atomic household contrasts aggressively with the brooding looks on the faces of the people in the waiting line. The bright hoarding and the dark colourss in the people’s vesture farther stress this point. The spectator does non cognize what they were falling in line for but from the fact that some of them are transporting bags and pails. they are likely line uping for nutrient rations.

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The state of affairs sing racial divisions is non as bad today as it was decennaries before or the clip when the exposure was taken. There are still some hapless people who fall in line in soup kitchens. for nutrient casts. and impermanent shelters. but they would be comprised of black and white Americans. Billboard ads though. have non changed. They still promote the good manner of life to lure clients ; still feigning that American life merely offers good things.

Every Picture Tells A Story Essay

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