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When Scott left school at 16, he only had 2 GCSE’s and so he wouldn’t be able to get himself a decent job that paid the type of money he wanted or was used to. He kept thinking to himself “my life is a mess”. A week after the doctor broke the unfortunate news to Scott; he had to go back to hospital to have a major operation on his knee. Scott’s brother, Neil, had to look after Scott as he obviously couldn’t move too well and so he took him to the hospital.

While Scott was having his surgery, Neil had to wait in the waiting room. While he was in the waiting room, Neil saw Eddie.

Essay Example on Studymode Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Eddie was Scott and Neil’s cousin, whom neither of them had seen for about 15 years. Eddie had broken his leg and was recovering from his operation. Neil spoke to the nurse and arranged for Scott’s bed to be moved next to Eddie’s, when his operation had finished.

2 hours later, Scott emerged from his operation feeling better physically, but he still felt distressed. This was until he realised his cousin Eddie was in the bed next to his, and this cheered him up considerably. Eddie and Scott got talking about what professions the two of them have. Eddie was shocked about Scott’s news of him being a footballer but his career has just been ended.

Scott asked Eddie what job he does, and he turned out to be the owner of an up and coming Computer Company that produces games for computers.

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After Eddie said this, Neil said jokingly, “Maybe they can use that game that you dreamed of making Scott, when you were 9! ” After explaining Scott’s idea for a game, Eddie actually thought it was an amazing idea and so they arranged to meet up when they were both out of hospital. A week later, Scott and Eddie met up for lunch at a local bar. Scott explained his idea in full to his cousin. Eddie thought this idea was great and offered him a job at his company where he could make the game himself.

Scott had no clue how to do this and so Eddie said that he could supervise the people who would make it and get them to make the game how Scott would want it. Scott felt great. His career had taken yet another shocking turn, but this time, it was for the best. After 8 months of working on this game, it was finally produced and was put onto the market. Scott and Eddie were both nervous as they were hoping that the game would be a huge success but didn’t know how the public felt. 3 weeks after the game was put onto the market, it became the fastest selling game of the past 5 years and Eddies Company was making millions.

The game that Scott hade made was a football game, and now it had been labelled “The best football game of all time”. Scott’s childhood dream of making his game had come true, and also he had made plenty of money, which is also what he had wanted to do from an early age. He could also now complete his other dream of playing in the Premiership, only this time it would be a digital version of him! Scott’s life was now a success again, after being down and out, he turned things around, and now he has achieved his childhood goals.

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