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Evaluate the Nazis economic policies from 1933 V 1939. Essay

It is almost a universal conception that Hitler deliberately provoked World War II for his personal desires.Some historians prove this belief by Hitler?s biography ?§My Struggle? (Mein Kampf) and his series of bold and aggressive foreign policies.While others confirm this notion by demonstrating the objectives of pre-war Nazis economic policies.They claim that Hitler immediately started carrying out rearmament program and various war-preparatory measures once he came to power in 1933.Because of his lack of planning and ignorance to the economic situation, he failed to prepare Germany for a major war by 1939, and he even failed to deal with Germany?s own economic problems in 1932.However, this claim is not well justified.In fact, Hitler did put a lot of emphasis on economic recovery in thefirst three years of his regime.It is not until 1936 did he start accentuating his warfare programs.As a consequence, considering the time duration, the progress that the Nazi leaders made with their policies, and the ?§Blitzkrieg? war aim proposed by Hitler, actually Hitler was very successful in arming Germany and making Germany ready for a series of short but speedy wars by 1939 when he invaded Poland.
When Hitler came into the office in 1933 he faced an economically devastated Germany.Although the economic situation was improved with aids given by the United States, Germany still suffered a great deal from the Great Depression in 1929, and ?§economic activity had recovered only slightly from the lowest point of the depression? .Unemployment was the most serious problem at that time.Hitler understood very well that, with six million official unemployment registers and an estimate of a million more non-registered, it was absolutely impossible to rearm Germany at that stage.He also understood that, instead of rearmament ?§recovery was the immediate priority? .Therefore, on May 1, 1933, H…

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