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Evaluate the Causes of World War I Essay Paper

World war one is one of the most of import events in universe history. It took topographic point in Europe in 1914-1918. The whole universe participated this war. So everyone had some duty. There are more than one grounds for the eruption of this war. Chiefly. it was the enlargement signifier of patriotism & A ; the confederations system. Other issues played a major portion excessively. such as imperialism. the industrial revolution. naval race and domestic factors. One of the chief long term causes as I said before is Nationalism. Patriotism is the loyal feeling when people believe passionately for their states.

The utmost feeling of patriotism is called ethnocentrism and it leads to fascism. Nationalism besides. promoted the war because patriots wanted to restore their nation’s power. Th e bulk of people before and during the universe war one. wanted to hold a larger district. Flags are created to stand for a state. The three states that formed the Triple Alliance was formed by different cultural groups. Above all. Austria’s – Hungary’s cultural groups wanted their independency. These groups were. Slovaks. Serbs & A ; Czechs.

They wanted to govern themselves and hold their ain province. Particularly. many Serbs in different districts wanted to fall in the adjacent province of Serbia. Italy was besides formed from a aggregation of smaller provinces. taking at holding its authorities established. The trigger cause of universe war one was the blackwash of Archduke Franz Ferdinard & A ; his married woman besides by a Serbian patriot. This happened in June 1914 while they were in Sarajevo. Bosnia which was a portion of Austria – Hungary. This blackwash was in protest to Austria – Hungary holding control of the part.

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This was the utmost signifier of patriotism as I said supra. that killed the prince of Austria and universe war one began. Another cause which cause the war is imperialism. In other words. the competition among powerful states to widen their power. All the states were looking for ways to suppress oversea settlements. There was a competitory feeling about it. They besides needed more resources. Naval bases for Germany & A ; Britain were besides of paramount of import. For illustration. France & A ; Russia prepared to confront any German invasion. Germany took from France an of import industrial country of Alsace – Lorraine.

In 1890 Germany has a New Kaiser who was really active. Germany seized control of Chinese ports & A ; wanted more oversea settlements as Britain & A ; France had. Italy besides wanted more oversea settlements and that’s a ground it joined the Triple Alliance. Furthermore. there is another cause. the confederations. Alliances existed to back up “friends” and endanger enemies. The promoted their ain civilization. Alliance’s motions are like packs. They used force and engineering arms. Alliances active function before the war was to understand the advancement of the war & A ; country’s motions.

So earlier universe war one Russia defended Serbia. Serbia’s districts were controlled by the province of Austria – Hungary. Serbia started the war against Austria – Hungary and Russia got involved. France & A ; Russia had a close friendly relationship. A response to acquire back its land Germany attacked France through Belgium. In 1884 the Ternary Alliance we formed with Germany. Italy and Austria – Hungary to back up each other militarily in instance of an onslaught. The Triple Entente that formed in 1904 with Britain. France and Russia. The last cause of the war was the industrial revolution. in other words militarism.

Militarism is associated with engineering arms. Such as autos. bombs. machine guns. pigboats. slugs. dynamites etc. Industrial development was really of import in order to be powerful. In this new war ground forcess used autos and non Equus caballuss. Another point is the wireless. was used for propaganda. Everything was traveling really fast. Military includes pigboats. aeroplanes and machine guns. France & A ; Russia worried a batch for Germany’s development. Loans from France helped Russia to develop industries. Germany’s navy program named “Navy Code” was increasing their naval forces.

This program worked as a threaten to Britain. Germany’s development of their naval forces was evident. It become one of the world’s most powerful naval forcess in 1980 with Britain foremost. In 1914 German industries was 2nd in the universe merely to that of the USA. Serbia was besides going a powerful force in Balkans. France besides built up their industries & A ; ground forces. Russia was the largest of all six powers nevertheless it was the most backward and least developed. As a consequence of this war there was desolation across Europe. Eight 1000000s of people died & A ; twenty – nine 1000000s injured.

The usage of the word devastation includes issues we are non able to see. It’s non merely the devastation of edifices. the deficiency of instruction and the economic diminution. It’s besides the deficiency of thoughts. household issues. the psychological science of the crowd. propaganda and much more. Even after the universe war one for decennaries the leaders altering political relations. alterations & A ; public sentiments. In my sentiment continuing the peace was neither Ternary Alliance’s or Triple entente’s precedence. What if the states did non demo off or vie for power? I believe that patriotism was the most of import cause for doing the war.

Consequently all the states were responding in highly chauvinistic ways and unreasonably. I besides think universe war one was a consequence of leader’s hostility towards other states which was sustained by the increasing patriotism of European states. The blackwash of Archduke worked as the immediate cause that triggered a Domino consequence of reactions among all these states. If this wouldn’t go on. they would hold happen another cause to get down the war. I suppose everything’s happened because of the selfishness leader’s had. They didn’t inspire the crowd & A ; this prove that there was the failure of diplomatic negotiations.

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