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Ethics in Gone Baby Gone Essay

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The categorical imperative is something we are fundamentally required, to do irrespective of how we feel about doing it, and even if others around us are telling us to do something completely different. In other words, we must always do this. The categorical imperative is also a priority, which means it will always be, and have always been morally good. As such, we have a duty to recognize, and accept, its moral validity, and finality. This means that the categorical imperative is not good on the basis of any effects or consequences, or even because someone tells us it is good; it is simply good in itself. Immanuel Kant developed a set of ethics to guide our decisions, and help us judge whether certain actions are morally correct. According to Kant, the morality of every action must be carefully thought out beforehand. Thinking about all aspects of an action, or moral testing, can help to determine if an act should be performed at all. Kant introduced logical, objective methods, to serve as a basis for distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong. He holds a common theme throughout his Kantian moral philosophy, that every act should be an accurate representation of a universal maxim.

In the main action of the film, “Gone Baby Gone,” Patrick discovers that Doyle is connected with the Amanda’s kidnapping. He then he goes to Doyle’s house, to find that Amanda is living with him and his wife. Patrick has to take a hard decision between living Amanda with Doyle, who was giving her a happy life with all of a child’s needs, or take her back to her mother, who is a drug addict, and does not take care of Amanda, her biological daughter.

According to Kant’s doctrine, the first premise Doyle made a decision based on the good, and not in the right. He was immoral because he did not respect his duty. His obligation as a policeman was to resolve the life of Amanda, or any child in the same situation. instead to keep her with t…

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