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Ethics and Morality Essay

Moral relativism and Nazism seem to go hand in hand.Moral relativism basically is the idea that morals and ethics do not necessarily reflect the objective or universal moral truth, but instead they relate to societies, culture, and even personal conditions.Thus, as a Nazi, moral relativism fits right in with my culture and societal beliefs that whites are supreme, Jews are inferior, and the world needs to be won over to Nazism.It would be very attractive to me because it would allow me to believe what I wanted to believe, despite the clear ethical and moral problems concerned, and it would even help me rationalize my behavior against “inferior” races, such as the Jews.It would in effect help me become racist and evil by allowing me to create my own alternative morals and ethics, whether they had anything to do with real reality and morality or not.
Captured terrorists should be treated as prisoners of war because that is what they are.They are waging war on the western world, killing as many people as they can, and they feel they are justified because of their religion.They are prisoners of war, because if they were not in prison they would be waging more war on America and other nations, and so, they should be treated as prisoners of war.They should not get any special treatment, and they should not be treated any worse than the standards for prisoners of war allow.But, they should be treated as prisoners of war and enemies of the western world.
The purpose of punishment is to deter the offender and others from committing future crimes.That is why prison is so harsh and uncomfortable.Offenders should not want to stay in prison or return to prison, they should want to get out and not go back, and that should help deter them from committing further crimes.The purpose of punishment, no matter whether it is in prison or not, it to stop that behavior and replace it with a more acceptable behavior.

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