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Essay Examples on Ethics Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Ethics

Buddhism has been practice in Asia for more than twenty five hundred years as a way of life. Buddhism being as both philosophy and religion which Eastern people practices in order to achieve the greatest possible human perfection. Siddhartha being born in a royal family with the bloodline of a sage of Sakya tribe. Which they called as the blessed one or the one who came in the same way like the Buddhas. After encountering the four significant things which is; the old man, the sick man, the dead man, and a shaven-headed man, a recluse, wearing the yellow robe, looking contented and peace with himself.

He realizes that there is no exception in life’s suffering, he desire to search a way to eliminate the suffering of man. There are three parts in Buddhist teaching. Thefirst is the Sutras, a collection of sermons and moral fables. The Vinaya, a collection of monastic laws; And the Avhidarma, a collection of moral and metaphysical treatises. The Dharma is the law or Doctrine also known as the Noble Fourfold Truth.

· Suffering involves a chain of causes · There is a path to the cessation of suffering The focus of the Noble Eight-Fold Path is the cultivation of wisdom, moral conduct, and mental discipline in order to eliminate ignorance and craving. And by following this noble a person would be free from Karma.

2nd Essay Sample on Ethics

What exactly is the difference between wrong and right?Some say that an innate process that one is born with.Others believe, like myself, that it is developed and it grows over time.I believe that the difference in opinion about this subject is what makes every human being an individual.People can see an issue or an example and feel that they are wrong, but for entirely different reasons. Ethics, as the book says, is a part of philosophy, but also a part of religion.Every major world religion includes rules for living.For instance, Buddhism says that there are four noble truths: life is painful, the root of pain is desire, it is possible to eliminate pain by eliminating desire, and the noble eightfold path eliminates desire.The problem that I have with Buddha is that it seems to go against all of human nature.To think jealously is normal and most people can think jealous thoughts, but never act on them because in their hearts they know the truth.For instance, some people think I am crazy because I don’t mind my girlfriend going out with ex-boyfriends, I even encourage her to do so.I do have jealous thoughts because I know that those two people had a past and it even seems more of a threat.None the less, I know in my heart that she is going to love me and I know I can trust her to not make the “wrong” decision.I look at is as a realization.Thi! s is her chance to let go of her past so she may be able to move on to the future with me, but I still have those thoughts. One of the noble eight that I have to disagree with is the right speech.Telling the truth to other people I feel, can be a problem.I feel, it turns into a situational thing.For example, there is an issue of respect to people.For instance, I could never tell my father that he was in the wrong because I have respect for him.

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