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Sell Essays For Money Paper

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This Issue on selling your kidney Is not always a bad thing there are some people that really need a working kidney to stay alive. If someone is willing to donate a kidney I don’t think that they should be punished or charged with a felony to help someone. Many people are having kidney failure every day and they should not be turned down for letting them have one of their kidneys that they do not need to live when someone who doesn’t have a working kidney needs.

Waiting for someone to die hat is healthy enough to donate their kidney or any other organ it might be too late to receive the organ. Ruth Sparrow needed money for a surgery that ultimately she had to have; selling her kidney was the only way she would come up with the money to pay off the medical bills that carried on after the surgery. There are sperm and egg banks out there that they get the money for Glenn them away. If it’s not a danger to the person’s body or health than It should not be a crime for helping someone and receiving something In return.

Selling A Kidney

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Many people cannot afford Insurance or have money gust piled up into a savings account that would allow them to pay off the medical bills that happens with one surgery. In the questions it asks if she is wrong for trying to sell her kidneys and I believe that it is not wrong that she could not afford the medical bills that went with having a surgery that she really needed at the time. Three reasons of why people might end up against payment for organs. One would be that they might not be able to afford the payments or they do not have to money to pay for the organ at the time it is needed.

Second reason might be that their body might reject the organ that they Just paid payment on. Thirdly that the donor might have a history of health problems that may appear later on after the transplant happens. I feel that a prisoner that Is already going to die Like the one In the Chinese prison, and they are already volunteers to donate. It should not be a problem to take their organs from them. They should be allowed to remove them even after they die so that they can save someone else who actually needs them. Live it is wrong that omen might think that they will gain the prisoners personality after they have been on death row because if they really need the kidney or an organ then they would not worry where it came from sometimes they will not even tell you who the donor was. Many people will not turn down a working kidney that might save their life. Ultimately I believe that everyone should have a right to their body if It Is not causing harm to them. Donating organ can save many life’s some you cannot save. If you are a healthy person and do not have any medical Issues and someone out there

Is dying because they do not have a kidney or bone marrow donating It or selling It because you have other medical bills should not be such a big deal they make it out to De. Rut sparrow In tens article snouts not De changer Tort a crime Tanat seen name to do in order to pay bills off and for a kidney that she could live without and not cause any other problems with the donation or organ. If you can sell your sperm and eggs without being asked questions, it should be all right to sell a kidney so that they can save someone rather than risk it being too late whenever someone has died.

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