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essay BY slik5x Michael Foster 12/2/13 Parents Spying On Their Children In the article “The Undercover Parent” , written by Harlan Coben, Coben’s arguement is about whether parents should use spyware on their children’s computers or to not use spyware because it show you have no respect for your children. I agree with Coben that parents should use spyware as preservation for their children on the worldwide web; resons such as responsibily protecting you hildren, worrying about their future, and concerning the dangers of the internet.

Parents and adults should be able to spy on their children. An example for this is that parents have to conduct someway of beng responsibly protective. To support the more parents know what there children do the easier there life would be. Another way to support this example is what is that if parents dont ‘t protect their children in any way it can lead toward dangerous consequenses. Therefore the future f your children and teens will be at risk.

An example is when adults don’t interact with their children and regret the troubles that they cause as Juviniles. To support the example it has been confirmed that many children who are independent, alone, and abandoned end up in either solitary confinement or homeless wiith nobody to support them in life. Another way to support the example is that most often teens who interact with other teens are tempted to follow and be the same as the other to fit in.

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Other than responsibility and worrying about their future parents should concern the dangers of the internet. An example for dngers of the internet would be strangers on the internet knowing your personal information. Another way to support this would be the unknown things that the stranger would do or commit. In conclusion, I agree with the arguement on monitoring your children on the internet and what they do. The spyware can act as a preservation when used in computers and can protect your children.

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