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World History Essay

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AP World History Reading Guide Ch 20 The Muslim Empires 1) Which of the following was NOT one of the early modern Islamic empires? * Ottoman * Abbasid * Gujarat * Mughal * Safavid 2) How were the three Muslim early modern empires similar? 3) What were the differences between the various Muslim early modern empires? 4) Prior to the Mongol invasions of their empire, the Abbasid dynasty was dominated by what group? 5) The original base of the Ottoman Turks was where? 6) Following the Timurid invasions, the Ottoman Empire was restored under what leader? ) The Ottomans conquered Constantinople and ended the Byzantine Empire in what year? 8) Describe Ottoman naval. 9) Who were the Janissaries? 10) What permitted the Janissaries to gain a position of prominence in the Ottoman Empire? 11) The head of the Ottoman central bureaucracy was the…? 12) What was the principle of succession within the Ottoman Empire? 13) One of the most beautiful of the Ottoman mosques of Constantinople was the? 14) What did the Ottomans do to Constantinople following its fall in 1453? 15) In what way were the artisans of Constantinople similar to their counterparts in the West? 6) What was the chosen language of the Ottoman court? 17) How did the Ottoman dynasty compare to other ruling families? 18) What were the causes for the decline of the Ottoman Empire? 19) On the sea, the Ottoman galleys were eclipsed by Western naval power as early as? 20) What European nation first threatened the Ottoman monopoly of trade with East Africa and India? 21) What were the results of the Ottoman loss of monopoly over the Indian trade? 22) Which group represented such extreme conservatism within the Ottoman Empire that reform was frustrated? 3) What were the differences between the declines of the Abbasids and the Ottomans? 24) What were the differences between the origins of the Ottomans and the Safavids? 25) The center of the Safavid Empire was the modern-day state of? 26) The Safavid dynasty had its origins in the fourteenth century in a family devoted to what variant of Islam? 27) In what year was the first Safavid declared Shah? 28) Followers of the Safavids’ followers were called? 29) The first Safavid Shah was? 30) Why was the battle of Chaldiran in 1514 so important? 31) The Safavid Empire reached its greatest extent under Shah…? 2) What was the status of the Turkic chiefs under the Safavid Shahs? 33) After Chaldiran, the official language of the Safavid Empire became? 34) The capital of the Safavid Empire under Abbas the Great was? 35) How did the Safavids economy compare to that of the Ottomans? 36) What led to the rapid demise of the Safavid Empire? 37) The immediate successor of the Safavid dynasty in Persia was? 38) Who was the founder of the Mughal dynasty? 39) The first Mughal emperor successfully defeated the Muslim ruler of the Lodi dynasty in 1526 at the battle of? 0) Describe the accomplishments / life of Babur 41) Describe the reign of Humayan. 42) Describe the reign of Akbar. 43) What was the critical feature of Akbar’s new religion, the Din-i-Ilahi? 44) What was the outcome of the Din-i-Ilahi? 45) Describe the economy of the Mughal Empire. 46) What was the state of the Mughal dynasty at the outset of the reign of Aurangzeb? 47) What were the goals of Aurangzeb? 48) What was the impact of Aurangzeb’s religious policies? 49) What was the state of the Mughal Empire following Aurangzeb’s death in 1707? 50) Describe the relationship of the Muslim empires to the West.

World History

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