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The following sample essay on Is Unwealthy A Word tells about the ideas of ethical behaviors.

Howard Zinns book passionate declaration, was very interesting in the first chapter American Ideology he talks about the end result of these instances was many if not all of these inferior people were killed. He also talks about how we favor the rich and neglect the poor and that it should be the other way around that life should be an entirely different way. That because of Reagan many issues came to be, Because of Reagan this country is the way it is!

Although we live in a democratic country that were formulated by our forefathers has condemned us to accept them as right.

“Thus we grow up in a society where our choice of idea is limited and where certain ideas are dominant” which is very much true unless you have money your ideas will never be heard, it’s very rare where someone who is unwealthy is hear amongst millions.

The only time you are really heard is where you die a tragic death. In chapter 2; Machiavellian Realism and U. S. Foreign Policy: Means and Ends.

Howard zinn talks about, what kind of society we want? And how will we get it? “ The instance of building more nuclear weapons when we already possess more than enough to destroy the world… allowing the police to arrest any person on the street refusing to move on when ordered… and consider how often a parent [usually a father] has said to a son or daughter: its good to have idealistic visions of a better world but your living in the real world, so act accordingly” This have all had an effect one or more times in my life.

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Some may refer to me as a hippie because I’m all about peace on this world or because I refuse to eat animals such as chickens, cows, goats anything with a heartbeat, but my beliefs are my beliefs. I do believe a world without weapons would be wonderful, a world where I don’t have to walk down the street and a cops going to stop me cause he believes I’m being somewhat “suspicious”. Of course I would love for this world to speak up and use our words rather that use our weapons or hands to harm one another.

You ever see a person get called something and notice how one simple word such as “ugly” can completely set them off and just then you see this person react in a way that they use their words completely to prove a point on how, the specific word you called or used is in no way or fact them on how they spent all that time to prove one person wrong. I wish the world worked in words. I wish we didn’t have to tell our children that this is the world, so act accordingly. I was one of those children, whose father told them that, and my dreams were crushed instantly, I was 9.

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