As opposed to sex, gender is a socially constructed concept where women and men, male and females are treated in a society. Gender roles are the expectations are those norms and behaviors that a society expects men and women in a certain culture to look like, and the tasks and roles performed by them. In America there have been great changes in the role and place of women in the society and the gender gaps appear to be getting thinner. Women are rising and taking up those positions that were traditionally viewed as masculine like in politics and leadership forums.

  In the past women were restricted in a number of ways only being allowed to be obedient housewives, who cooked and cleaned in the houses. Today such roles are played by both genders and women are more liberal in their day to day activities.There is evidence of the drastic changes that have taken pace in the perception of women in the society.

However this has had both positive and negative impacts on women. With the freedom to pursue careers, raising of children has been grossly neglected and hence an upsurge in moral decadence and an emergence of a generation without real touch of motherhood. At the same time divorce rates have increased more than ever and this hurts women psychologically.In today’s contemporary society women have most opportunities than ever before. These have opened doors for many who otherwise would have been locked out and suffered socio-economically. These have had both positive and negative impacts on the women at large.

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With the burden shared equally among the men and women, equal rights and responsibilities, there has been pressure on women to compete with male folks in job, need for the women to give critical answers to world greatest problems and many end up spending a good portion of their lives in school pursing education to meet their own needs.The changes in gender perception have brought more good than harm in the American society and therefore sustainable results such as economic growth and socio-cultural development has been experienced. However vices such as smoking tobacco and marijuana have seen the number of deaths in women related to such increase over time.ReferencesAlica H. E (1987) Sex differences in social behavior: a social-role interpretation, LAWRENCE ERLBAUM ASSOCIATES, PUBLISHERS, New Jersey (2010) Gender roles, retrieved from on 10th July, 2010 at 0030hrs.FAO (2010) what is gender? Retrieved from on 10th July, 2010 at 0030hrs

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